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Thread: I guess timing is everything

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    Default I guess timing is everything

    Just returned from North West TN (Reelfoot Lake and surrounding flooded ag fields) on a 5 day duck hunt. Had 1 good day out of 5. We had a great time and the guides did a good job of trying to get us on birds. If you're a guy like me and you had to choose a five day block for that area of TN, what time of their duck season would you pick? I realize weather is everything but if you had to the role the dice, what would you choose?


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    Any 5 days from season opener to freeze up in North Dakota is gonna suit you better.
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    I am not a LBL local but have hunted there a few times, you sort of answered you own question it is a roll of the dice. the birds there can turn off and on like a light switch i can't say which week is better than another. Hope this helps a little. very weather dependent area


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    Danny, next year you might try Hackberry Rod And Gun in southwest La.
    They have 19 blinds on over 5000 acres of some of the best marsh in
    america. Totals for 2007-2008 season; 8,300 ducks and 200 geese and
    you can get refrences on these numbers. The fishing is also superb for
    redfish and speckled trout. Can't beat south Louisiana for consistantcy
    when it comes to duck and goose hunting.

    Best Regards

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