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Thread: Looking for a Dog Trainer- NE Ohio

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    Default Looking for a Dog Trainer- NE Ohio

    Gave my brother who lives just east of Cleveland a Lab Puppy last summer-He is now 8.5 mo old and would really benefit from formal OB. Any recomendations up in the Clevland or east of there area on trainers he can use? Even though this dog will not be hunted or trialed, I am thinking that a good month of formal OB that gun dog trainers typically do would really shape up this pet.

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    Bob Reckart trains dogs east of Cleveland. He may be down south right know. His kennel is Autumn Run. I don't have his number. He may have a website. I'm sure you could find a contact through Buckeye Retriever Club.

    Tom Wall

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    This link will give you Bob's Contact info.

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    Don Smith, Dan and Peg Ramsey come to mind. Don I think is on RTF and for sure over on the Fuge. I know Peg hangs out here.

    Hi Peg.


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