How many women does it take to bathe a Pyrenees?
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Thread: How many women does it take to bathe a Pyrenees?

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    Default How many women does it take to bathe a Pyrenees?

    I had to miss a social evening tonight and this is what I wrote to apologize:

    We had a major sinkhole on the highway in Colorado I take home from work yesterday and it took me 2 1/2 hours to get home. The dogs were fine though. Today I had a 1 1/2 hour drive home while trying to avoid potential jams on I25 and 58th Ave. It was a mistake. The traffic was worse on this route than it turned out to be on I25. My 45 minute commute doubled.

    I got home to the unmistakable *smell* and the first thing I though was “Who pooped”. I looked around, followed my nose and found that Louie (my Pyr in the avatar) had been sick in his crate (on the walls, on the floor and all over him). Rhetorical question: How do you get a poop covered Pyr from his crate to the back door without “spreading the joy” everywhere? You don’t. Needless to say, cats’ and dogs’ dinner was late tonight. Louie ate outside. I had to wash walls, floors, his crate, and decided to worry about what to do with Louie later.

    The hose was frozen of course and it is really too cold to hose him down. So after he had dried enough so I could try my first line of defense: to brush out the poop, I tried. It was not going to work. So I had to go to the next option.

    It was time for the dreaded indoor Pyr bath. We had not tried this before and I was not sure how I was going to get him in the tub, never mind wet, soap and rinse him. I had cleared away anything from the bathroom from which poop could not easily be washed first of course. Laid out half a dozen towels and dressed in a wetsuit. OK, I lied about the last thing. I actually put on the oldest, most worn out clothes I had (that was a hard choice; there were so many) and went to get my dog.

    I got lucky and the worst part was dragging him into the bathroom. It’s funny how this dog who is in my face whenever *I* am in there, was now not going to the door. Nope, no way was he going near there, but the slippery floors helped me out and we did make it. Then, lifting a struggling ~120 pound dog (I weigh about 107) into a slippery tub was no picnic. He was struggling, I was slipping and I am going to feel two pulled shoulder muscles tomorrow I am sure, but my dog was in the tub, water was running and a full bottle of shampoo at hand. And then the rest of the bath went ok. He was so confused he sat there pretty nicely. Either that or he was tired of the smell and figured out this might help. Then he was very good about doing a down/stay to let his butt, tummy and tail soak enough to get clean.

    However, I am pooped (so to speak); I smell like it and look like it. I am going to take a shower and hit the hay. Tomorrow I’ll finish cleaning the walls, floors and my dog. I am still seeing suspicious spots at eye level on the walls and Louie needs to be brushed out. Isn’t it nice I am expecting company tomorrow?
    ~Moira Sheehan
    Third Creeks Twisted Sister***QAA

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    Otis, ME


    In answer to your question - it only takes 1 REALLY determined woman to bathe a Pyrenees!!

    At least you kept your sense of humor - enjoyed the play by play!

    Thankful my biggest lab only weighs 70 lbs regards,


    "You can't win until you are not afraid to lose."

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    Kristie Wilder


    WOW, this sounds like my life!!! LOL

    Until I read that you are 107#, I was going to recommend that you drag dog and crate to the best location possible -- that's what we've done here. However, I assume it's a giant crate that wouldn't fit thru any doors, anyway...

    What a disaster! I had one of my dogs poop through her crate to our rough sewn cedar walls. I feel like there is STILL poop in the wall!!!!

    I'm so sorry you have company tomorrow....

    Hope you have a better day today!!!


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    Clear Lake Wisconsin


    Wet t-shirt contest !!!!!!!
    Discipline is no excuse for a lack of enthusiasm !!

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    Upstate NY


    Mojo, or anyone else in a similar situation; I purchased an adapter that threads on to our kitchen faucet. It accepts a standard garden hose. I only use it when the temperature is really cold or if the outside tap water is frigid, and of course you can't start with a frozen garden hose. I run it outside through the kitchen window and adjust the water temperature to luke warm. I haven't had to use it for a couple of years, but if fluffy needs a bath, it makes it bearable for all involved

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    Quote Originally Posted by DRAKEHAVEN View Post
    Wet t-shirt contest !!!!!!!
    Yeah... I thought there was going to be pictures too.....

    Having said that, I do feel bad for what you went through.
    Mike Tome
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    Mojo, I was right there with you yesterday. We train on a sod farm that has several drainage ditches that run through. Due to the run off from fertilizer, chemicals, pesticides, etc, I consider the water in these ditches to be toxic, and even if they are not they smell like it. My dog slid while spinning to pick up a mark and went right down (rear first) into the ditch. It was an easy slide, no injury, but it was very steep and I had to walk him about 20 feet through the stinking ooze to a spot to get out. I hauled him straight home, but because we never got around to installing that out door shower we were supposed to have done last summer, I had to take him upstairs, through the front door and drag him, poison mud and all to the bathroom. Fortunately we have a walk in shower with a spray head on a hose and I was able to lock us both in long enough to get him clean. (no "wet suit" for me). After getting him squared away I spent the rest of the day retracing our trip in to get rid of the slime
    Carol Howey
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    Why does stuff like this ALWAYS happen in the middle of Winter?????
    I can just imagine the mess and you will be seeing poop everywhere for years
    beauty fades, but dumb is forever. (Judge Judy)

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