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Thread: Truck dog

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    If you check the breeder classifieds on the AKC site you will find several litters within 100 miles of you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Dufour View Post
    We talked to four yorkie breeders yesterday regarding a puppy,and all of them had CKC(continental kennel club) registrations,and no AKC.Is that common? They were charging from 400 to 950 for a puppy,which seems alot for a non registerable puppy (AKC).Yes,I just want a truck dog,and will probably neuter her....but I would like a pure bred Yorkie.$65 would get me something from the pound.
    Right now a good quality yorkie would sell wholesale at the bottom end of your quoted figures. An "ugly", coat/ears/nose, but otherwise healthy yorkie will struggle to sell for much less than that right now. A good east coast pet store is getting the higher end of your figures so the prices are really not too far off for a good puppy. Just make sure you know what you're looking for before you fall for the sales pitch and cute little face.

    While I don't know how common ConKC is in your area and actually know very little about it's requirements, there is another registry that is very common and respected among breeders. Many, more and more every year, breeders have been driven off by AKC's politics, costs, or lack of quick and good customer service. If the breeder is USDA I'd bet they left for one of the above reason as AKC's policies on id/records/inspections should not be any more strict than their current USDA regulations.

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    My sister has a Yorkie and it scares the sh- t out of my chessies. To get away from him they actually jump up on the furniture. My young chessie tries to stand his ground only to get bit on the nose. That little yorkie thinks he is 100lb Rotti .
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    Ol GT started in about getting a small house dog a year or so ago. She was looking at all these fancy looking exotic breeds and I kept asking why not just find "a dog." Darn thing won't know its not purebred and as long as it a good dog who cares. Short story, the lady who runs the local pit bull rescue called and had taken in a couple of small dogs from a kill shelter hooked us up with "Ice Chip" call name "Chipper".

    Her and Scoop have become great friends, she sits on the pull down section of my F350 when I drive and gets along great with the kennel dogs. Awesome in the house. And we know that we brought her out of a horrible living condition and saved her from certain death.

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    I have know three ShitZu's & one Lasa Apso. Not big on them. However, these were examples of untrained dogs that got to do whatever they want. My grandparents could hardly touch their dog and he thought he was the boss - probably was.

    My sister has a ShitZu that bites all the time. She gets jealous and bites while playing or when she's too excited. I watched this dog for a week and had none of these problems! It all about training once you get the pup.

    Good luck finding a Yorkie!
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    My mom has had 2 Shitzu's and one Lhasa Apsa. The Lhasa was one of the smartest dogs I have been around. He was my first dog. I taugh him more tricks than you can imagine and I was only about 7 years old. He was great with kids,adults, other dogs, as long as he was not cornered. He also hated being kenneled. I think he had small dog syndrome! He died young (7-8) from multiple organ failure due to a vet prescribing cortozone shots for allergies. He was ok at house breaking but would find his way down stairs and poop if he had a chance. He also love Lasagna, managed to get on the table once and ate almost a whole pan of it!

    The Shitzu's that mom has had have been much healthier but not as smart. No allergies, better with kids. But neither of them ever liked being kenneled either. They both also would find their way to the basement to go potty once in a while but only if they were left alone too long. Both breeds would be OK choices but check into the health stuff.
    Mike Peters

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    Hey Jay. I got my wife Crystal a toy yorkie for her birthday this year. Although she can't run a blind or do a 400 yard retired gun, she's a really cool little dog. She is full grown and is about 3.4 pounds. She has never tried to bite anyone and is not the little ankle biter that you normally associate with little dogs. She has a really sweet personality and has never met a stranger. One good thing is that she never sheds. But, Crystal has to keep her hair cut about every three or four months. Mya is registered with the AKC. You can definitely find one that has AKC papers. She is hell on wheels. Not quite the energy of a Jack Russell but not far behind. Good luck.

    Also, her and Stormy (my blf) get along great. Mya tries playing with her. No biting or anything, Mya just takes off running and tries to get Stormy to chase her. It's pretty hilarious to watch.
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