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Thread: Dog Boots

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    Default Dog Boots

    The place I'm doing most of my training has a ton of stickers. Needless to say, it's tough for her to stay focused on the training when she's constantly trying to dig them out of her feet. I know this is going to be an issue in some of the places that I will be hunting, too. Does anyone have any experience with dog boots? I heard someone recommending the kevlar boots. It seems like it might be a bit of a sales gimmick, but maybe there is something to them vs. the cordura or neoprene?


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    All I can tell you is my dog looked like he just drank a half gallon of J.D. after i put some on him. He looked like the cat you put tape on his paws. It was hilarious to watch him walk around. Those thing are a joke. Don;t waste your money. Find a new place to train. Sorry, just my opinion.

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