How long is long enough???
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Thread: How long is long enough???

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    Question How long is long enough???

    I will start with a little background on the pup. BLM 3yo, great condition, used for Hunting and H/T. I took him hunting the morning of 1/12/08, we hunted a beaver swamp that was pretty rough, with a lot of logs in the water. This not anything new to him. We did have a lot of cripples and he worked harder than most days. That evening we went out to do some light training. On the first send he took off hard as he always does and when he got the bird and turned around I noticed he was not putting any weight on his left hind. I went out and stopped him to see if I could find something in his foot. Nothing! We went in the house to do a complete inspection and still found nothing. I moved all his joints to see if there was any resistance or even a response, Nothing! I figured he may have pulled a muscle. The next morning he was putting weight on it but still was not right. He is a jumper in his kennel and as soon as he went in he started to jump. When he came down on his hind legs the left one folded. I put a short roof on the kennel to keep him down and calm to see if this would heal. It seemed to not be doing any good so I took him to the VET on the 24th of Jan. After talking to the vet it seemed that the knee was suspect. He would roll his leg under him anytime you had him sit and stairs were troublesome for him. The vet decided to sedate him and do X-rays. She knew I was getting ready to do OFA and asked if I wanted films of his hips/elbows also? I told her that was fine. She called on Friday and said to come by so we could go over his films. She said his knee's were perfect but he had some mineralization around his accelies(sp?) tenden. I could see it on the fims as well. She then showed me his hips, I could not tell anything other than they were not positioned evenly, he looked like he was lifting his leg and you took a picture in the middle of his potty break. I asked her what was bothering him. She said she was not sure but gave him some pain killers and said to give them for 2 weeks and if he acted better it was his hips and if he didn't then it was his tendon???????? Well, I have not given him these pain killers because if I did he would definetly hurt himself unless I kept him in a crate, so I kept him in a crate without the meds. I let him air on a leash and keep him calm. He seems to have gotten better than he was but still not 100%. If the vet had no info. then, would it be any different now? Should I get a second opinion, give him some more time, start letting him get some exercise, swimming, running? I really don't know what to do.
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    GET A SECOND OPINION = Please take your dog to an orthopedic specialist. I don't mean to scare you but from experience -- everything you are mentioning screams cruciate ligament rupture. A ruptured CCL is usually not painful for the dog on palpation but they are unable to put weight on it. Xrays tell you little since it is soft tissue. Reluctance to jump, climb stairs and a sloppy sit are all signs as well. The longer you wait, the worse it will be. You are absolutely right to keep him crated and leash walked. The risk is not so much with the blown knee now, it is blowing out the OTHER knee since all of the dog's weight is now on that one joint.
    This seems obvious to me, but maybe there is something else going on that your vet feels is different. Best of luck.

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    I agree with Furball.

    You might contact Dr. John SHerman at VETHAB in Raleigh, NC, who is a specialist in rehab of injured dogs. He can tell you pretty quickly what kind of problem your dog has.
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