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Thread: Heads up SCOTUS

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    Default Heads up SCOTUS

    The folks in Montana waving their contract with the USA for statehood, should have a bearing on your Heller/DC decision. Good for you Montana.


    Further news from our little region of flyover country, shows the natives of the Peoples Republic of Minnesoooota are getting 'up in arms', and are wanting to legislate away more of your freedoms.


    Dayum, Ole and Sven, no more rootin'-tootin' weekend gun swaps fer you. Of course you law-abiding lutefisk and lefsa munchers will be the only ones effected. It won't even phase the criminal element. Just more political involvement in your lives. Uffda.

    When the one you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

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    This lefsa muncher has had about enough...I vote everytime, and they never listen to me...They've taken away all my joys in life....Aerial and exploding fireworks, buying liquor on sunday's, smoking in bars, gentleman's duels, etc.....my latest rant? Minnesota (THE STATE OF HOCKEY) holds its high school state hockey tournaments at the Excel Center every year, which is awesome to see em play on NHL ice. This year, they are not being held on at the Excel. Why you ask? Ok interested reader, I'll tell ya....The boy's hockey teams bring in more than enough revenue from their games to pay for the Excel Center...girls hockey teams dont. So the girls hockey assoc. says, well its not fair that the boys get to play at the Excel and we dont. And the HSHA (High School Hockey Assoc) says, oh god if we dont listen to em we're all getting sued. So now the Boys Hockey State championship, will not be held at the Excel Center (which it sells out) even though they have raised the money to play there, because the girls didnt and its "not fair". Ugh....I'm moving...Uncle Bill, Does SoDak have room for a firefighter and his BLF?

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