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Thread: 7 years ago.....

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    Administrator Vicky Trainor's Avatar
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    May 2003
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    Default 7 years ago.....

    but it seems like just yesterday.

    At about this time of the evening, 7 years ago, I had to make the decision to let my "heart dog" go. It was so sudden.....no clue until she refused to eat this evening. Took her immediately to the vet and learned that she was bleeding out internally. I later learned that this was due to hemangiosarcoma of the liver/spleen. I wanted to do all I could to save her life and I remember telling my vet I wanted all to be done that could be done. It was after that statement that she told me that she doubted if Chelsea would make it thru the surgery and even then the odds were not favorable as the cancer had metastasis to the lungs.

    It's hard to believe it's been 7 years....especially since I've cried off and on all day today.

    I miss you, Chels! But, I know you'll come running to meet me one day at the Bridge.

    Mommy's Baby Girl and Daddy's Chelser
    March 1, 1989 - February 26, 2001


    I knew the answer, but I just couldn't say
    I know what you'll do, you'll cry
    She's still wagging her tail, and she'll probably be fine
    But you imagine the worst, and you cry.
    Then the vet did the test, and the blood told the tale
    You know what it means, and you cry.
    Now we could prolong her life briefly, or spare her the pain,
    We make our decision, and you cry.
    We give her a blanket, but she chooses the cool floor
    Her tail's still wagging as she lies, and you cry.
    You give her a biscuit, and she gobbles it down,
    And she looks for another, and you cry.
    Then the time comes, to say our good byes
    And we hug her so hard, and we cry.
    Chelsea gets her last needle, and she breathes her last breath,
    She's off to see Holly, and you cry, (as do I)
    You know she's in heaven and it should be a comfort
    And it will be, but it's not now, and you cry
    Then you cry, and you cry, and you cry and you cry
    Til you're all out of tears, then you cry.
    Friends and family call, you want to tell how and why
    But all you can say is "She's gone", and you cry.
    You'll awake the next morning, thinking it was all a bad dream
    Then the truth will set in and you'll cry.
    You won't want to get up, but the dogs need to be fed
    You'll fix one less bowl, and you'll cry.
    You'll spot her favorite toy, a chewed on Teddy Bear,
    You'll bend down to pick it up, and you'll cry.
    Then you'll cry all day long, and the day after that
    And the day after that, you'll cry too.
    You know you can't recover, your heart will never mend,
    But you do, and it does, and you cry
    Then the hole in your heart made by Holly, and made deeper by Chelsea,
    Will slowly start to heal, and you'll cry
    You will tell a few stories, of what a good girl she was.
    You'll remember something funny she did and you'll laugh…
    and then you'll cry.

    Will wrote this poem for me the night we lost Chelsea. When I told him I didn't know he could write a poem, he asked if I wanted to read it. I said "Yes" and he said "You'll cry" ... and I did.

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    Senior Member Andy Carlson's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Otis, ME


    Vicky I'm sorry today has been a sad day. It is truely amazing what a grip these dogs get on our hearts. I have had to say my good byes to 4 dogs in my adult life and even the first one in 1992 feels like yesterday. But the pain and grief we feel when they are gone is so tiny compared to the joy they bring to our lives.

    Thanks for sharing - the poem was very touching.


    "You can't win until you are not afraid to lose."

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    Senior Member Steve's Avatar
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    Jan 2003


    What a sweet looking dog. These dogs are so stoic that they won't let you know something is wrong until it is critical. Hang in there.
    Kelly, Weis, Willingham, & Davies

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    Senior Member Goldenboy's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    Brownsville, Vermont


    Good for you, Vicky, for remembering your friend these years later. The memories last a lifetime.


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    Member Tim Lawrence's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
    Nor Cal


    Man that strikes a cord. 1 year for me today also. God lov'em. I do miss my chessie girl.
    Folks raise a glass for our buddies that bring us so much joy.

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    Senior Member 2tall's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    South of Charlotte, NC


    I'm facing a similar anniversary in May, and I am crying now from reading your post. I wish I had a poem like that, do you mind if I borrow it for a while

    I love the boy I have now and would never have had him if I had not lost my Harry dog. So the spirits and souls do pass on and are reborn. I have learned to cherish every moment, and not to fear the future.

    I hope tomorrow brings you a day of happy memories.
    Carol Howey
    Owned and handled by Cruisin' with Indiana Jones, JH
    Alternate Handler: Westwind Buffalo Soldier
    Apprentice Handler: Snake River Medicine Man, SH

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    Feb 2008


    The bond we form with our retrievers is incredible. It is hard to understand why we take on the burden of knowing that there time with us will be so painfully short. The memories of these magnificent animals who enter our lives, thrill us with their loyalty, outstanding ability to hunt and retrieve, and provide us with outstanding companionship, are so important and should be maintained. Take comfort in those great memories.


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    Senior Member Judy Chute's Avatar
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    May 2005
    Falmouth, Maine


    Quote Originally Posted by Tule Brown Dog View Post
    Man that strikes a cord. 1 year for me today also. God lov'em. I do miss my chessie girl.
    Folks raise a glass for our buddies that bring us so much joy.
    ...glass raised...

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    Senior Member Polock's Avatar
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    Jan 2003


    They never leave the heart....................God Bless..........
    See Yunz later,
    Dan Kotarski
    Cut-N-Shoot Retrievers

    BABY STEPS, Baby Steps, baby steps.........Repetition..Consistency..Focus
    TEACH and BUILD! Then BUILD on what ya TEACH!

    "Where The Hell Is Bedias, TX?"

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    Senior Member MoJo's Avatar
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    Mar 2004


    Oh Vicky,

    The grief -and love- we feel for these most special ones who have gone to the bridge never leaves us. If they weren't special, it wouldn't matter, but to me each one is. However, there is that one dog, or one cat that rips your heart out when they go. It lessens with time but we still care, grieve and mourn. I feel for you.
    ~Moira Sheehan
    Third Creeks Twisted Sister***QAA

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