"Stunning White labs. for sale???"
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Thread: "Stunning White labs. for sale???"

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    Senior Member Sue Kiefer's Avatar
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    Mar 2006

    Default "Stunning White labs. for sale???"

    Saw this in the local "Buyers Guide" today.
    Are you kidding me??????????????
    So we all have silver,white,choc.,black,yellow,???????????
    Is there no end???
    No pedigree,very very loose guarantee,..............

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    Senior Member spaightlabs's Avatar
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    Jul 2005


    Don't forget about Charcoal...

    from a breeder's website:

    Genetically speaking, Charcoal Labs are silver factored Yellow Labs; phenotypically speaking (their appearance), Charcoal Labs look like silver factored blacks, and for many decades Charcoal Labs were commonly referred to as "Smoky Blacks" by breeders. Charcoal Labs can occur randomly in any Lab/Lab breeding; or they can intentionally be produced by breeding a Yellow Lab with a Silver Lab. Similarly, if a Charcoal Lab is bred to another Charcoal Lab, their litter will contain approximately 1/4 Silver Labs, and 3/4 other colored Labs. Some Charcoal/Charcoal breedings have even produced litters containing all four Lab colors. Interestingly enough, the very existence of Charcoal Labs (or what was referred to as Smoky Black Labs) is a genetic aspect of Silver Labs which proves the silver genetics have been in Lab lines for many decades (if not centuries). If you research old books on Labrador Retrievers, you will come across authors who refer to "Lab puppies being born gray, and then turning black as adults." This is exactly what happens when a Charcoal Lab pup is born, i.e., for the first few days the Charcoal pups appear dark gray - and then turn "Smoky Black" as adults. Clearly, these old books and their authors were referring to what is now called Charcoal Labs. Had any of these authors taken the time to breed a Smoky Black to another Smoky Black
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    Senior Member Ken Bora's Avatar
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    what a very nice web site. Photo of the guy with children, photo of cute puppies. Says they have a health and hip guarantee. Other than no mention of our fun little field games, what makes that site different than a great many sites hosted by any RTF member? "Only a few litters a year" could have been typed by how many RTfers? So his labs are white. I have seem some that light. An old guy in a camper that ran our hunt test circuit a long while back had some. What was his name?
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    Senior Member DRAKEHAVEN's Avatar
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    Jan 2005
    Clear Lake Wisconsin


    This truthfully no longer bothers me.
    I have developed an immunity to it.
    Good for this guy he's making a buck !
    The market place will dictate what is produced.
    The market place in my neck of the world is dictating that it is almost not worth producing puppies. The fact that your bitch has every health clearence possible and a HIGH level field title = puppies still available. So who am I to criticize this fool.
    He obviously understands what a certain segment of the dog buying public wants.

    Discipline is no excuse for a lack of enthusiasm !!

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    Senior Member Page's Avatar
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    Jul 2005


    I have the patriotic package.

    Red, White and Blue.

    Ken, Lord knows I don't know the people on this forum very well so I don't know where everyone stands. Here is my take on situations like this. Many people who are not familiar with Labs will call them white, golden, or whatever other descriptive terms they can think of and that's fine.

    I get irked when I hear breeders or marketers who know better falsely advertise to the public and play off their ignorance of the breed to make them think their pups are unique. Polar white, snow white and white with champagne tips is nothing but a sales tactic.
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    Senior Member Gordy Weigel's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    Camden Point, Missouri


    The concern is not really a color issue, but what these types of breedings are doing to the genome of the breed. I recently saw a episode of National Geographics, Explorer series, on dogs. It was stated that their is a .2 % of 1% (.02%) difference in the genome of a Chihauhau compared to that of a Great Dame. It also brought up that most of the breeds we have today, were created in the last 130 yrs.
    Breeders like this are trying to make money, not a whole lot different than why anyone breeds, this includes most of those breeding Labs for the dog game market.
    Most of us breeding, do not have a clear understanding of the consequences of our actions.

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    Senior Member windycanyon's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Page View Post
    I have the patriotic package.

    Red, White and Blue.
    I personally like the Chocolate, Vanilla and Licorice packages.

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    Senior Member Leddyman's Avatar
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    Cochran, georgia


    I think the problem resides in the fact that the public "Don't know squat".
    The people on this board are an extremely small minority of extremely knowledgeable people.

    Here is an example of the general public's knowledge of dogs:
    Some of you know that I took in a rescue dog that was pregnant. CLF that had been bred by a male bulldog. (pitbull) A lady friend of mine said she would take the dog after the pups were raised. She intends to breed her again. The problem is the bitch is not a good candidate for breeding and should be spayed and placed as a pet. The lady that wants the bitch wants to breed her to my dog. When I explained that Zeke has to get clearances for hips, elbows, and eyes, and even then I'm not sure that I will breed him, and I certainly wouldn't breed him to that dog, she got upset. "She has papers and he has papers so what's the problem? We can make some money."

    Another man I know told me this: "Most people don't know it, but even if you breed her again she's still gonna have some of that bulldog in her and it'll get in the puppies." ........... I swear that is an accurate quote.

    So no wonder they don't advertise more crazy crap than this.

    PS. I have a litter of Bulladors, 3 weeks old if anybody is interested see my website www.bulladorsarepeopletoo.300bucksapop.com
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    Senior Member Furball's Avatar
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    Gainesville, FL


    Hey, this guy at least does OFA hips, he's ahead of most of the "breeders" out there.
    We get this all the time in goldens too...haven't you all heard of the "Rare, Exotic British Cremes" or "English White Goldens"?
    I was sitting in the vet's office and a woman with a relatively light colored golden asked me what kind of dog Fisher was @@
    She said her golden was a "Rare British Creme" and sorta hinted that my "plain" golden was obviously inferior. I told her oh no, he is not medium gold -- he is ochre with platinum highlights!!!

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    Senior Member TroyFeeken's Avatar
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    Fargo, ND


    This is Crystal's very first litter and she has made us quite proud. She has a small litter for labs with six. They range in color from snow white to white with champagne highlights. One male and one female are snow white. One male and one female are polar white. The two remaining females are white with champagne highlights. These puppies have already made a lot of fans and will not last long.

    So how do you tell the difference between snow white and polar white?
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