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Thread: I need a stud dog

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    You may want to consider the Jazztime line..either Trip or Chance.
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    FC Fargo. I have seen some great little derby dogs out of Chopper and a Fargo bitch, on the Derby list already and dont age out until June.
    Merlyn breeding might be too much Cosmo but Fargo has no Cosmo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles C. View Post
    I'd breed her to FC Merlyn.
    I would think it’s too tight of a line breeding. Since Merlyn’s dam FC Case Harden Colors is a littermate to NAFC FC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek the sire to labtrainernc” dog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Seddon View Post

    Merlyn’s dam FC Case Harden Colors is a littermate to NAFC FC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek
    Not a littermate but a full-sibling. Purple I beleive was the 1996 High Point Amateur dog(bitch). That's why Carbon was named Carbon Copy because he was from the repeat breeding.

    I would expect Chopper to have many Derby dogs as much as he is getting bred. And, his pups are getting well placed with proven trainers. However, I would hold off on his coronation as the next great stud until he has a decent percentage of his get with AA FT Tiltes.
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