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Thread: Man's Best Friend - LOL

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    Default Man's Best Friend - LOL

    Guys, our dogs our truly a man's best friend. If you don't believe it, just try this experiment. --- Put both your dog and your wife in the trunk of your car for an hour. When you open the trunk, who is really happy to see you!
    (Guess you're off to the next trial or HT alone with your dog.)

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    That's funny - but there' amazing truth in jest. I love my wife and two boys. When I come home from a hard day's work, I routinely expect to come home to a crazed & stressed out family. There's always at least one whose happy to see me walk in the door - my lab.

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    Yeah, and the dogs are the only ones we usually want to see first cuz they aren't putting demands on us!
    Princess Darla of Nottingham MH QA2
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    lIf your wife is on the front porch yelling, and your dog is on the back porch barking, What do you do?................................

    Let the dog in.....He'll shut up.
    Bad Motor Scooter SH

    He that tooteth not his own horn...The same shall not be tooted.

    There could be 5 or 6 ninjas in this room right now.

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