Canine Pythiosis
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Thread: Canine Pythiosis

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    Default Canine Pythiosis

    FYI our Retriever Club sent this to my email I thought I'd share it.

    PYTHIOSIS - A New Canine Disease

    Pythium Insidiosum is a fungal like organism that infects several species including dogs and causes death in the vast majority of cases. Pythium infections are essentially non responsive to antibiotic or antifungal treatments and surgical resection of lesions saves only 20-25% of infected animals. The incidence of Pythium infections in dogs is not known, but the number of confirmed cases has risen dramatically in the last 5 years. Cases in the U.S. have gone from less than 10 a year just 5 years ago to more than 100 cases per year. Experts in the field estimate that 200-300 cases of canine pythiosis will be confirmed in 2008, and many more cases will be undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

    Additionally, the number of animals exposed to Pythium is not known. Since Pythium is more commonly found in warm wet environs, it may be assumed that dogs that frequent these environs are more likely to be exposed making Field Trial retrievers prime candidates for exposure. It is believed that dogs that have had significant exposure to Pythium Insidiosum will have developed Pythium specific antibodies. These antibodies are easily detected via a simple blood test. In an effort to estimate the number of animals which have come in contact with Pythium Insidiosum, Pan American Vet labs is conducting a serologic survey of dogs which compete in Field Trial competitions. PAVL is providing a free blood test for Pythium antibodies when samples are submitted with the attached survey data sheets which have been completed. Test results will be immediately provided to the submitting party (owner/vet) and complete survey data will be provided when the survey is complete.

    In order to do the blood test 3-5 ml of blood in a red top tube or 1-2 mls of serum should be submitted to the PAVL diagnostic laboratory at the following address. Please complete the attached form. Click this link for form!

    Pan American Veterinary Labs

    166 Brushy Creek Trail
    Hutto , TX 78634
    Phone: 800.856.9655
    Fax: 512-846-2140
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    There is an entire thread which has been made a Sticky at the top of the forum dedicated to this study.

    You might want to read it to gain even more information.
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