The setting is Boston at the turn of the Century all done in the finest Irish accents.......

A Madam of one of the finest whorehouses in Boston hears a knock at the door. She opens the door to see a dirty looking desheviled man standing there.
Irishman: I'm looking for Shannon O'brien.
Madam: looking at the man in disgust. "Are you sure you're looking for Shannon? She's one of our most expensive girls. Are you sure you don't want one of our more cheaper girls?"
Irishman: "I'm sure. I was told to ask for Shannon O'Brien".
Madam calls for Shannon and she comes down dressed like the finest of prostitutes.
Shannon: Surprised to see a dirty man standing there. "I'm Shannon, are you sure you're looking for me?" I'm $1000 a night.
Irishman: "If you're Shannon O'Brien, I'm looking for you".
Shannon: "Can you afford to give me $1000 for tonight?"
Irishman: "Aye, here is $1000.
So Shannon takes the man upstairs and takes care of him and he leaves.
Next night the man shows up again and asks for Shannon.
The Madam is bewildered, but since he paid the night before, she doesn't ask any questions and leads him to Shannons room. Again Shannon is surprised and again asks him for $1000 and the man hands it over. Again Shannon takes care of the Irishman and he leaves.
Third night and again the man comes back...this time no questions, he is led up to Shannon and again Shannon takes his $1000 and takes care of him.
This time they are laying in bed and Shannon starts talking to the man.
Shannon:"You don't look like a man that can afford $1000/night pleasures. Where are you from?"
Irishman: "I come over on da boat from Dublin, Ireland"
Shannon: "Really? Me brodder still lives in Dublin".
Irishman:" Sure, Jimmy O'Brien, I know him".
Shannon: "You knew my brodder and dat I was his Sister? How did you know dat?
Irishman: "He's the one dat give me $3000 to give to ya to get you out of whorin".