Well, how about judges giving gifts of being called back?
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Thread: Well, how about judges giving gifts of being called back?

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    Default Well, how about judges giving gifts of being called back?

    Well, I am wondering, along with the other humorous thread of being given the boot with righteousness, what about those who have been given the gift by the judge when you KNOW you should have been toast?

    I was running a Q last year with a HUGE hideous hunt. Well do you just know that they were quite generous and let me back. So then when we did the blind, I stopped her in the perfect place and gave an atrocious cast and she took it! Yikes! So after stopping her and she did a loopy sit, I lost her. So then we had one of those fights that they tell you never to give up on. At the end of the disastrous blind I turned around and asked them, "How was that for a fine job?" and everyone busted up laughing.

    Of course knowing I was most certainly OUT, off I went to make some tailgate party food. Soon, someone was banging on my camper yelling at me to get my dog ready. "WTF? Are you serious?" I certainly didn't want to bloody any more eyes with our fine skilz, but did as I was told, ears burning with embarassment.

    HAHAHAHA! She was such a genious that we got an RJ when we should have been out. Every time I look at that ribbon I remember the first 2 series vividly. I will most certainly remember not to give THAT cast again! Well, in that type of situation anyhow....
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    Couple of statements:

    It ain't over til it's over.


    Shut up and see what happens.

    "Where The Hell Is Bedias, TX?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
    Couple of statements:

    It ain't over til it's over.


    Shut up and see what happens.


    Absolutely. Never give up unless the judges tell you to pick up your dog. You just don't know what will happen, especially if you are running very early in the pack. If you start getting rattled, just pretend you are in complete control . Let the judges 'judge' you, don't put yourself out.


    "I never feel bad for myself" - Charles Barkley

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    Sometimes a judge with bad eyesight and a short attention span is a good thing!
    Views and opinions expressed herein by Badbullgator do not necessarily represent the policies or position of RTF. RTF and all of it's subsidiaries can not be held liable for the off centered humor and politically incorrect comments of the author.
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    Always remember handlers handle and judges judge. Dont try and do both.
    'I make my practices real hard because if a player is a quitter, I want him to quit in practice, not in a game.' - Bear Bryant / Alabama

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    Some years ago after an awful 1st series I went over to see a friend who had finished judging another stake. Helped him pack up, and since I figured we were done for the weekend broke out a bottle and proceeded to swap shots and lies. Just as I started to head for the motel somebody roared up and said I was "on the clock" for the next series.
    Well I made there in time, managed not wobble too badly and got thru a pretty nasty test. Maybe because I was so "relaxed."

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    A friend of mine ran a terrible first series. He was on the way to his hotel to check out and start for home when his cell phone rang. "Better get back here, you've been called back...
    "For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required." -- Luke 12:48

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    I've driven home after several tests knowing that I had failed in the Master only to find out later that we had passed. It all evens out in the end.
    Matt McKenzie

    "Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it." Henry Ford

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    I remember one of the HRC Grands that was hosted by our club. A certain handler ran the 2nd series (finishing around 6 in the evening) and said his good-byes to everyone saying he might as well leave now since he had a 6 hour ride home. At around 9 or 10 when the callbacks were announced, his dog was called back. Friends frantically started calling him, I believe he got the call when he was about 10 miles or so from home, so he turned around and drove back arriving in time to watch the test dog for the 3rd series run.

    You just never know.
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    I've more than likely gotten several of those. The one that sticks out is this one:

    Running the land blind part of a Q in Virgina. The wind is light from left to right. Dog had to get into a ditch at about 175 yards, then would pop-up in about 2 seconds if everything was going right. Good inital line and close enough to being good enough as he approached the ditch. Now, about this time a devil appeared on my left shoulder and an angel appeared on my right. The devil is screaming in my ear "Let 'em roll, Joe! You know he'll carry that ditch and line this SOB. Let 'em roll!!!!" Now the angel, she just sorta' whispers "Now Joseph, you know you should stop this dog. He is already fading to the right and he is going go into that ditch, run down the ditch about 75 yards while he is still out of sight, then pop back out and you will be in an unrecoverable position." To which the devil replied, "Shut up, Bytch! Come on Joe! Have some balls. You know you are ready!" Well, I let the dog roll...he got into the ditch...didn't pop right out...about that time the angel said "Dumb Ass!" and devil said "Ha, ha, ha, I kill me!!!" and they were both gone in a flash. Anyway, the dog pops out about 75 yards left of the line to the blind and is hauling ass for the next county. I'm blowing the whistle hard enough that lung matter is clinging to the end of the bell. I mean, I'm blowing so hard I start to feel dizzy and the whole world starts to swim aroung me...I must have blown that whistle about 5 times before the dog sat and looked at me. I regain my composure and give a massive right over and the dog takes it...right to the blind. Stuck it. No other whistle. Just ran over and picked up the bird.

    I hear one Judge behind me start to laugh, the other said "A-Fing-mazing!" Some in the gallery (mostly well paid friends) start to clap.

    The call backs come out and we got called back.

    As I went to the line for the water blind the one Judge said, "Don't look so shocked: Great initial line, strong finish. So he slipped a couple of whistles and took a hellofan over. What's not to like?"

    We crushed the water blind and must have done OK on the water marks because the dog JAM'd the event. He went on to win two 50+ Q's and is now running AA stuff.

    Anyway...I kind of thought we might have gotten away with one there but I wasn't in the chair so i smiled and just said "Thank you!"

    Sometimes You Get A Break And Sometimes You Don't Regards,

    Joe S.
    "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Anais Nin

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