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Thread: users of Cosequin?

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    Default users of Cosequin?

    Have an older dog whom the Vet recommended this. Anyone that buys this online from an internet based company? Which is the best seller?

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    Cosequin DS is available at

    We give our dogs Cosemin DS glucosamine and chondroitin supplement. Just open the capsules and sprinkle it on their food.

    My last 2 Cosemin DS purchases have been made through ebay. When 1/2 the bottle is gone, start looking for the ebay deals.
    Things to look for:

    A) the seller has a good (98%+) rating.
    B) the container is sealed and the expiration date is 6+ months away from it's expected arrival.
    C) the total amount spent (purchase price + shipping + any applicable tax) is less per capsule than any other outlet.

    Am currently waiting for a shipment that of 432 capsules for $77.99 USD (shipping included).
    We had been purchasing 230 capsules at Costco for $71.45 (CA sales tax included).
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    Cosequin Chewable
    79.90 incl shipping

    I have had good luck with them. One lost shipment that they reshipped immediately.
    Tom Dorroh
    Boston, GA

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