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Thread: Just gotta love 'em

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    Default Just gotta love 'em

    Sitting here at the computer, see the dog walk by me going into the kitchen and don't think anything about it. About a minute later, she walks back by. Then I hear crunching. Look in the bedroom and she is chomping on the whole chicken quarter(raw) that was sitting in the sink to cook for dinner. When I looked in the sink, 3 of the 4 quarters were gone. Sometimes you just wanna string 'em up.

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    I happen to be dogless right now. I was thinking the other day how much it sucks to be able to put my sandwich down and walk into the other room and not have to worry about it. Good old chicken stealing dog would be great right about now.

    love 'em up...you'll cry when they're gone

    waitin' on my puppy regards,

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    Same thing happened with my one of my pups a few years back. He ate a whole roaster chicken . He was about 6 months old at the time. My old man called me when he heared the story. His comment was "That's a hell of a bird dog you got there"!!! Funny Pop... real funny. We both paid for it for the next few days while he shot liquid out the wrong hole. I had to watch him like a hawk... he had to drag his a$$ on the cool grass for comfort .


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