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Thread: Is this the norm...

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    Default Is this the norm...

    Is it me or is the pay for the training get the pup for free offers happening more?

    A few year ago here at the MN Game Fair I seen a couple of breeder/trainers offer this, and now I'm seening it more and more.

    Personally I see it as a good thing, due to the breeder/trainers are already familiar with the dog/dogs and their individual personalities. Pups are there and trainers are there, save on gas and what not...but where/when does the socialization come in for the pup owner, after the pup has gone through all the training?

    Just making conversation...


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    We have offered this program for three litters in 12 years.No problems with that yet.Most that go for it dont want to deal with a puppy....some want a finished retriever,but cant plunk down the bucks to pay for one all at one time.We give the puppies house time and puppy head start is a real advantage too.I have friends and clients work the pup so they are receptive to anyone.Frequent visits by the owner is encouraged.Ive done em for people that live close to here....and 2000 miles form here with good results.Most well bred Labs love the one they're with !

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