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Thread: Feel Good Story

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    Well I was out doing some training last night working on some blind drills and a few marks. Saw this lady out with her dog at the far end watching what we were doing. Keep in mind this is a huge field beside an office tower with moderate cover and good terrain. She watched us run a few blinds then came over to ask what we were doing. Turns out she had an absolutely beautiful yellow lab from the local Lab Rescue program. She corrected me and told me it was a "fox red" lab. So I asked her if her dog likes to retrieve. She says oh ya. So I told her to hold her dog I walked out about 50 yds, blew the duck call, threw the 1st bumper this dog had ever seen and guess what bingo.
    Nailed the mark and strait back to her. So we try it again little further and then a little further. Same thing. She was so thrilled. She says I come here every Wed to drop my son off at soccer then take the dog for a run will you be back here next week doing this I'd like to try this again. How cool a "city" lady that watched her pet dog retrieve 3 bumpers to hand and wants to try it again.
    She was pretty excited. Maybe I'll make it a point to go back to that field next week. 3 retrieves a little early to know if she's hooked???

    Enjoy your training.

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    That is really cool.

    When I got my first dog, which was a border collie. I was at the park throwing a frisbee and that is how I too fell in love with labs and this great sport. But I just watched then when my collie got old I bought a lab puppy . well you al could geuss the rest on how i got bit.

    sorry to hijack you thread. I really think it is col of you helping a person get the bug.
    HRCH Lavender's Gettin A Tan SH "Tanner"
    Lavender's Red Solo Cup SH CGC " Solo "

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    That's great, the more the merrier. Now that you got a nibble set the hook and reel her in.
    Terry "Bud" Cunningham
    Kankakee River HRC

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    That's really neat. Can't wait to hear if she returns next week!

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    Great story.Hope that she returns next week. Love that natural ability.

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