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Thread: TT Pro G2 users

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    Default TT Pro G2 users

    I'm curious, I currently use a Pro100 G2 EXP but wonder what others around here are using in terms of TT gear.

    I picked the 100 over the Flyway G2/Pro 200 G2 (they are one in the same minus tone right??) is I initially wanted more continious variety vs more nick variety. But as time went on for what I do I've been using more nicks than continious by just tapping the buttons. I know a nick is a lot faster than me pressing the continous button in/out...

    i was wondering for the people who use the Flyway/Pro 200 why you chose this over the say Pro 100 G2. Meaning you must use more nicks than continious. What training program did you follow? Or reasoning for your choice.

    I guess I followed Lardy's choice of the 100 but found myself thinking i should have gotten the Flyway (since its cheaper than the 200) since I seem to employ nicks and i rarely ever hit the "black" button on my tranmitter if at all.

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    And I am looking at the the Pro 200 or flyway because of the of momentary and the only difference between the flyway and the pro 200 is the tone a $30 dollar difference.

    Speaking of Momentary and Continuous what is everyones preference.
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    G2 500. Great piece of equipment.
    Bob Gutermuth
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    I have used the flyway for a long time now, both the original and the G2 EXP. I find it is all I need. I also have a 500 original and like it too, but I find myself using the flyway more as it has everything I need. You can’t go wrong with either the 500 or the 200/flyway
    I find that in most of my training I need nicks FAR more than burns……..FAR more, of course that depends on the dog and what level they are at. One reason I probably use less continuous stimulation is because most of my dogs are older and need more “reminders” rather then lessons taught. If you only have one or two dogs I am sure the flyway is more than enough, but if you have a good number of dogs at various stages of training you may want to look at the 500. 6 of one half dozen of the other regards
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    I sold my flyway G2 and bought a 100 EXP. I personally use the continous mode a lot more than the nicks. BTW if you get the camo flyway it has the tone feature.
    Jason Brion

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    I use the flyway. I have had all the models, (the 100, 200, and 500).

    I don't use the tone, so there was no reason for the 200 over the flyway.

    I really like the flyway over the 500, because I have all the buttons and can consistantly react to the dog and the level of the infraction withoug having to make any changes to the transmitter. I have a low, med or high nick or even a burn with the continuous without having to make any changes.

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    I use a G2 Pro 500. Love it. Backup is a Flyway Special.
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    I am considering selling my Pro 100 G2 to a good friend (who owns a GSP and uses more low level continious) and considered going over to the Flyway G2 since I use nicks the majority of the time. I never use tone (hence save the $30 for gas!). The only time I tap the tone button is to test the system to make sure its working but I rarely even do that. I do not employ tone in my training.

    The 500 G2 is nice and all but its more than i ever would need or use. Like I said, I rarely use the "red" button so to me I'd spend that money on something else. Plus just having the "red" button for emergency or a total disregard to a command is still nice to have right then and there rather than flipping switches. I know i'm being anal about it but...

    I don't know many people that have the Flyway G2, most just buy the Pro 200 G2 for whatever reason. I mean it is the same transmitter minus tone and the Flyway has different colors/collars. Why do they say the Flyway is for the "waterfowler"?
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    I have the Pro 200 -- when my pup went through CC I wish I had more continous (burn) levels - but we managed. Now I'm happy with the additional momentary (nick) levels. The nick levels are much faster than your quickest burn. Like everyone said the Pro 500 is the grandaddy of them all. I like the Pro 200 for the tone feature as well -- I use it as a "silent" (to the handler or hunting party) recall. The dog hears beep, beep, beep - and quarters back to me. I had a problem with my G2 receiver breaking where the strap slides through and TT fixed it under warranty - no questions asked with new receiver - there and back within a week. Their customer service is tops.

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