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Thread: Typical Media <<<GDG>>>

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    Default Typical Media <<<GDG>>>

    I guess I should not be surprised by this in the least, but when I watched the 10 o’clock news the first story was about the police naming a suspect in a shooting that took place yesterday. The second story was about a 5 year old that got hit in the face by a stray bullet in a drive by a few weeks ago. Not that it matters because it is still a big deal, but the boy had a “nick” the size of a dime on his cheek and was never even admitted to the hospital, again not that that made what happened to him any less horrible. 28 minutes, that is twenty-eight minutes into the newscast the finally get to the story I was waiting for, a local man returned to his business to find it being robbed and he stopped them and held them at (gasp) gunpoint until the police arrived. They were quick to point out the bad guys were unarmed and that they were not committing a “forcible felony” so the gun owner, as they referred to him as, really was breaking the law by holding them at gunpoint (they are incorrect in that statement). Funny how a law abiding gun owner with a concealed weapons permit, protecting his business and property is made to look like a bad guy and is pushed to the end of the newscast, even after the “Entertainment Minute”, and the real bad guys and all the nasty things guns cause were broadcast in the first 4 minutes of the news.
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    It didn't fit the template. I sometimes watch news in Spanish on Univision, It is amazing the difference. Much less news designed to make you feel a certain way about what they are reporting and much more just plain here's what happened. They also don't make you feel like excrement by the time the news is over. The media is killing this country's optimism.

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    The media is killing more than this country's optimism. But that is another soapbox.

    Eric W.
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