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Thread: American Am

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    Default American Am

    Any one have any info on this weekend?

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    1st FC-AFC Weezer Retreezer (Weezer) Bob Johnson
    2nd Top Gun Skyy Is The Limit (Skyy) Seth Steenburgen John Haight
    3rd FC TNT's DET-A-NATOR (Nate) Ray Voigt Lydia Fekula, Jeffrey Schuett
    4th FC Candlewoods Yaddadadda Do It (Yada) Ray Voigt John Brooks

    RJ Sureshots Texas Hold'Em (Dealer) Mark Edwards Marvin Baumer
    022 WHISKEY RIVER DOUBLE SHOT (Jessi) Seth Steenburgen Lindy DeWert
    044 WHISKEY RIVER DANCE THE TIDE (Ty) Seth Steenburgen Lindy DeWert
    045 Sasseville Getum Molly (Molly) Richard Dallesasse, Dennis Ebner
    049 Candlewood's Citizen Smith (Tucker) Ray Voigt Fred Kampo
    055 Rock River Granite (Rocker) Scott Dewey Dave Seivert
    064 Dominator Autumn Creek Gamble (Betsy) Paul Sletten David Aul
    065 FC-AFC Windy City's Secret Signal (Cody) Charles Hines Charles Hines
    073 FC-AFC Nick of Time Lone Ranger (Ranger) Charles Hines Charles Hines
    086 FC-AFC Voigts Dyna-Maxx (Dyna) Mac & Lynn DuBose, Mac
    089 FTCH-AFTCH Seasides One To Many (Ralph) Ray Voigt Sherwin Scott

    1st FC-AFC Windy City's Secret Signal (Cody) Charles Hines Charles Hines
    2nd Calumet's Mein Soupster (J. R.) Sharon Gierman Sharon Gierman
    3rd FC-AFC Nick of Time Wild Wind Dusty (Dusty) Charles Hines Charles Hines
    4th FC-AFC Skywatch Rodeo (Rodeo) Ray Vreeland Ray Vreeland

    RJ Windy City's Kadee cb and seven (Brandy) kevin krueger kevin krueger
    JAM FC-AFC Close-Hauled To Windward (Sailor) Joanne Mackey Joann & Roy Mackey

    1st windy city's kadee cb and seven (Brandy) kevin krueger kevin krueger
    2nd Black Powder's Crazy Ivan (Ivan) Mark Edwards Dave Fowler
    3rd JJ's Candlewood Far 2 Go (Coda) Mitch & Linda Patterson
    4th Blu-Chip High Definition (Amos) Mark Edwards Judy Callahan

    RJ Dominator's Magnum P I (Mags) Paul Sletten David Aul
    JAM Candlewood's Ruger Nose The Way, JH (Ruger) Brad Fahlgren
    JAM Worth-It's Cruise Missile (Boomer) Vicki Worthington
    JAM Till Seeker (Tillie) Diane Snyder

    1st Hardscrabble Roxie McBunn (Roxie) Ray Voigt, William Benson
    2nd Hickory Ridge's Cosmic Halo (Haley) Mark Edwards Stephen Lyons
    3rd Candlewoods Head Over Heels (Flip) Paul Sletten John Stracka
    4th Huntleigh's Thats A Winner (Buck) Gregory Lister John Hughes

    RJ Hawkeye's Victory at Sea (Nick) William Hillmann Steve Becker
    004 Hawkeye's Double-Down Kate (Katie) Mark Edwards John Glasgow
    005 Coolwater's Knockout (Punch) William Hillmann Alexandra Washburn, Jay & Stacey Patton
    006 R Lill Ruby (Ruby) Rick Bullock Rick Bullock
    011 Colonials Crossfire Rhode Trip (Trip) Bruce Ahlers, DVM Marlene Drag, Bruce Ahlers, DVM
    013 Glen Lake F4d Phantom, JH (Phanny) Scotty Seward
    019 R Lill Indy, JH (Indy) Rick Bullock
    020 Moonshadow Rat River Tiger Lilly (Tig-r) David Ward Gordon Alfter

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    Thanks for posting the results. I've been curious but didn't want to call you after a long weekend.

    Congrats on the Q!
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    It is worth noting that the grounds at DesPlaines FWA were good enough that the entire Amateur stake was completed there!
    Kevin Walker

    Drive is the manifestation of Desire, and measured in Style.
    Thank you judges who score Style, you are preserving Desire!

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    Nice job Weezer!!! Good to know he's on his game before the National Am next month.

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