Dummy-Bird transition
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Thread: Dummy-Bird transition

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    Default Dummy-Bird transition

    I am currently training my 6 month old lab and have discovered that he is extremely tentative about picking up frozen or thawed birds. I mistakingly introduced him to birds/feathers for the first time only a week ago, but until that time he has had good delivery to hand, holding, and response to fetch from hand and off of the ground on command with bumpers. By nature, he is on the timid side with most things so this could be a factor. Any advise, this is only my 3rd lab to train and I've never had this problem. Thanks


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    Live, clipped wing pigeons did the trick for my dog. Just toss it out there and let him chase it around. Really gets the prey drive going and one quick session of this and my pup will pick up anything with feathers.

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    It can happen that a timid dog will spook on a flapping pigeon. If it does, try a fresh dead duck, attach a rope, throw it, when pup sniffs, jerk it away. Keep this up for a while. Usually, the pup will think duck is getting away, and will eventually grab it.

    It is not unusual for a pup to not pick up birds right away, some do, some don't. We have 2 seven month olds, the male was great with birds from the start, the female wasn't, she was gung-ho on bumpers. Never had one that, in the end, didn't like birds, so don't worry too much.
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