Cooling methods in the summer
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Thread: Cooling methods in the summer

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    Default Cooling methods in the summer

    Some people have said to try filling a 2 liter bottle full of water and freeze it. Then place it inside of your dogs crate/box when the dog is in the truck and not running a set-up. Has anyone tried this? Any concerns with this? I have heard both sides of doing this(good and bad). I think the idea is a sound one. I like the idea of strapping it to the front of my box and turning the fan on to pull cool air or strapping it to the top of the fan and pushing cool air.

    The bad I have heard about and would like to discuss is do you think this adds moister/humidity to the box for the dog to breath? Humidity is the ultimate killer of the dogs not the heat. Your thoughts?
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    It's that time of year to post our friend Nate Baxter's overheating/cooling article.

    I have brought it back up and made it a sticky, where it will likely remain through our North American heat season.


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