Dr. Ed--Reliability of tick panel tests
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Thread: Dr. Ed--Reliability of tick panel tests

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    Default Dr. Ed--Reliability of tick panel tests

    Dr. Ed,

    How reliable are tick panel tests? What are the false negative rates, and is it permissible to treat with doxy if there is any question on Lyme Disease even if test came back as negative for tick diseases.

    I am posting so others may benefit. Thanks! Ann
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    Quote Originally Posted by HiRollerlabs View Post
    Dr. Ed,

    How reliable are tick panel tests? What are the false negative rates
    These are antibody tests and a positive only indicates exposure to the causative organism, to confirm clinical disease in the absence of supporting clinical symptoms titres are performed initially and 2 to 4 weeks later, a rising titre is indicative of disease.

    It never seemed logical to me to wait to treat an exposure (particularly when treatment is non-toxic to the dog), so all positives in my practice receive a course of doxycycline.

    Dogs with positive titres AND CLINICAL SYMPTOMS or dogs with very high initial titres are treated for extended perioids of time. Followup titres are performed in 6 months.

    I suspect that false negatives are virtually non-existent.

    The popular in-house SNAP tests are antibody SCREENING TESTS ONLY and are not indicative of disease.

    Additionally there are many Ehrlichia serotypes and we only test for a few, a negative to Ehrlichia Canis does NOT imply a negative to all Ehrlichias. I handle dogs with clinical symptoms of Ehrlichia and negative titres the same way I treat those with high initial titres (i.e. prolonged doxycycline therapy).

    I'm certain the next question is define "prolonged", for me 3 to 6 months. Dr. Johnny Hoskins, a highly respected Internal Medicine specialist with lots of experience with Ehrlichias advocates "pulse therapy" with doxycycline (3 weeks on, 3 weeks off for 3 cycles).
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    Thats Deep!

    Seriously!!! WTH did you just say anywho???


    Poll: (non scientifik)

    Who the heck understood any of that??

    Whats TITRES?? --------is that Spanish fer somthin??


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    An antibody titer is a test that measures the presence of a specific antibody and the amount of antibody present in the blood to a particular antigen--such as a virus--or in this case a rickettsial agent such as Erhlichia. A rising titer means an increase in the amount of circulating antibodies--which is indicative of an active infection.

    Is that clear enough?

    In my clinic we approach the tick dz just like Dr. Ed.

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    If He'd just said that in the first place!!

    Some peoples just gotta ramble!--Senility , I'd bet!


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