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Thread: In The Truck Market

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    Default In The Truck Market

    I am in the market for a new truck (between now and the end of the year) and have been doing a lot of research. And surprisingly I have found that I have had some misconceptions about the differences between truck classes (i.e. mid-size and full-size). Due to the rising cost of gas, I was looking to see which of the mid-size trucks would suit me better than a full-size. So I looked at the usuals; Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado, etc. My surprise was that these rigs don't get much better gas mileage than the full-size ones! Now I am using mileage information offered on their websites as well as But who would want to give up cargo space for just a couple of more miles per gallon?

    What I would like to get is comments "off the street". I am definitely interested in the Tacoma, Crew Cab. Does anyone have a good news story about these? On the full-size side, I am looking at Dodge (even waiting for the 2009 model to come out) and Chevy. Sorry Ford-aholics, no Fords in the race for me. I used to own a 2000 Dodge 1500 Quad Cab and I loved it. The only bad thing was the torque converter that I had to replace twice at $1500 each. Other than that it ran like a champ. And now with their new drivetrain warranties, I am looking at Dodge once again.


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    We just bought the Tacoma 4 x 4 with full size rear seat and 4 doors. So far, (one week) we really like it. We had to be able to fit two crates side by side and also enough room for one vintage race bike. (not at the same time as the crates)

    We have had a 4runner for years, still do, that gets better gas mileage than advertised. We pretty much expect the same from the Tacoma, about 21 mpg highway.
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    I have a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab that I got around Christmas and love it. I got the 5.7L Hemi and get around 15 mpg around town. Not sure what I get Hwy driving but I will taking a vacation during the 4th of July to Canada and will find out then. I traded in a 2005 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab. IMO the Dodge is a lot better truck.

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    We have a Dodge 2500 Mega Cab. We've had it for almost 2 years now and LOVE it. With diesel prices they way they are right now, may not be the wisest choice, but we do get 22 mpg on the road and around 18-19 in town. Not too bad for a big truck!

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    i think the two best mid size trucks going are the Toyota tacoma and the Nissan frontier crew cab both have plenty of room inside and out and handle well. i am leaning toward the Nissan only because it is a few $$ less than the Toyota but the tacoma is one heck of a mid size truck.

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    So how come nobody still makes a SMALL truck like Nissan and Toyota used to?

    I have a 97 Nissan Hardbody with over 200k. Small 4 cylinder gets mid twneties on the road. Whan it dies, there is nothing comparable that I can replace it with

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    have had 2 silverados and a ford 150, have an 07 silverado extended cab now, has variable fuel management, so can get up to 20 on hwy. avg prolly 18, which i am very happy abou. really like the truck.

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    I had a 2006 Ford F-150 FX4 that I HATED (very uncomfortable)!!! I now own a 2007 Toyota Tacoma Quad-cab in the 2 wheel drive version and LOVE IT!!! With the Ford I was using 28 gallons/week during a normal week of driving, with the Tacoma 16 or 17 gallons, and 22 mpg+ on the highway. I have a 2-dog Ainley box that stays in the truck at all times.
    I believe that the newer Tacomas get even better mileage/gallon.

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    Why not get diesel, I mean it's only like 5 bucks a gallon now.

    Hatin' the price of diesel regards.

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    I've been in the car industry for 11 years. Don't rush to a decision, it's a buyers market right now on pickups and suvs.

    Personally, for no more fuel savings then you get with a midsize. I would purchase a full size pickup. Dodge, Toyota Tundra, pick your poison.

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