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Thread: Oklahoma Alert

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    Default Oklahoma Alert

    Please Crosspost:

    Oklahoma's Drastic Anti-Kennel Law Must be Stopped!
    Please see the following link:


    May 30, 2008

    Oklahoma pet owners and kennel operators could be facing severe and unreasonable new restrictions if Governor Henry signs SB 1754. *The bill would define anyone with 4 or more dogs as a kennel and ban them from being within 2500 feet of a private or public school or certified day care center.

    The kennel language was tucked unexpectedly into a bill relating to scrap metal dealers in the final days of session. Contituents have until June 7 to notify Governor Henry of our opposition to the bill.


    If enacted this bill will set a statewide definition for all dog breeders based on a limit of four dogs. *In many parts of the state *people who are hunting enthusiasts, AKC responsible hobby breeders, people who participate in performance events such as obedience and responsible dog owners live with more than four dogs.

    Click here to view the bill. (Link doesn't work. Will try to find.)

    Responsible dog breeders who are legitimate business owners have a vested interest in making sure their dogs are safe and ensure that their business is accepted in the community. Responsible dog breeding businesses operating within the law are no more dangerous than other types of legal businesses that are not restricted to operating within 2500 feet of our schools.

    If enacted, this law would be detrimental to our canine/agricultural programs in our Career Tech Centers and 4H programs that teach responsible dog ownership and breeding to children and adults if municipalities follow the instructions as outlined in this bill.

    According to media reports it is clear that this bill was written based on an individual situation in one area of the state. *It is not reasonable to enact legislation to regulate and limit an entire state based on one situation. *One dog owned by an irresponsible dog owner is more likely to be problematic in a community than 10 dogs owned by a responsible breeder.

    Oklahoma is rich in agriculture and *to impose urban rules throughout the state works against our rural citizens. *Though this bill specifies municipalities with population over
    300,000 *as law it will set a precedent for the entire state. *What is right for one urban community may not be the answer for another rural community. The situation which initiated this response from our legislature *is and should be handled at the local level not in a manner that creates a statewide restriction.

    NAIA and the Oklahoma Animal Interest Alliance strongly oppose SB 1754 and ask that you make your voice heard on this critical issue. It is not too late to stop this misguided legislation!


    Please act now by sending an email using our talking points.

    You can also call or fax the Governor's office with your feedback, if you prefer:

    Phone - (405) 521-2342

    Fax - (405) 521-3353


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    Here's the link to the final bill.



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