Drunk jacka$$ at hunt test...
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Thread: Drunk jacka$$ at hunt test...

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    Default Drunk jacka$$ at hunt test...

    On more than one occasion I have attended a hunt test where the club hosting the event had a member who insisted on becoming inebriated, making a fool of himself and pretty much acting like a total jerk. Such behavior did not occur until the last dog had run, so the test was over, however, such behavior did continue throughout the entire tailgate dinner and during the presentation of the ribbons.

    Do all clubs have a member like this?

    One of the incidents was so bad that I seriously doubt that I will ever return to a hunt test at that club. Don't get me wrong, I'll drink a few beers myself BUT I will not get stumbling drunk and start offending innocent victims.

    Anyone else experienced this at a hunt test?


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    Nope, guess I've been lucky so far. All the clubs I run around here are good folks.

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    funny you should mention this, i was an observer at one a few weeks ago with friends and there was an older gentleman that had one too many. he was forced to leave after many warnings. rambling about his divorce in progress...

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    There will always be that one person such as you describe anywhere that there is alcohol involved. Have you ever been to a tailgate party or observed them at baseball and football games? It's even worse. "Outdoorsy" hunt test/field trial people and hunters are a good bunch of folks. Don't let that one person keep you from doing something that you love. Learn to ignore him/her and focus on and use your energy toward the positive things. Focusing on negative things is a waste of your time and your energy. Have fun with your dog and enjoy the sport! Then go home a say a little prayer for the drunk...maybe he/she needs it.

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    Lonnie I have talked with Mark several times and he said he was sorry and that he would tame it down from now on.

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    The trouble is, as a club, you have to then make sure the drunk doesn't get in a car and drive home, killing someone on the way....

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    I'm usually to drunk to notice.
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    I'm with BradB on this one.

    Tests down here have been awesome over the 17 yrs I've been playing. The tests have been a great place for kids and families alike, as well as typically setting a good example for our future handlers.
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    This used to be a common occurance in the 70's to early 90's, until the Police and the laws go so tough on drunk or drinking drivers.
    I have not seen much evidence of this in VA, NC, MD in a number of years, which is a good thing.
    I might have 1 drink on the grounds after the test and save the rest for the motel room.

    A DUI now-a-days is an EXPENSIVE issue, and not worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JusticeDog View Post
    The trouble is, as a club, you have to then make sure the drunk doesn't get in a car and drive home, killing someone on the way....
    Susan, I think this is why many clubs don't provide alcohol at tailgates any longer. If the club doesn't buy it, are they still liable?
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