TPLO, remove the plate or leave it in?
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Thread: TPLO, remove the plate or leave it in?

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    Default TPLO, remove the plate or leave it in?

    TPLO, remove the plate or leave it in?

    My vet has suggested leaving the plate in after healing. I have only discussed this subject with one other person. He sent his dog to a rehab center and they removed the plate after healing.

    If your dog has had the surgery, what did your vet suggest? Did you go with your vets suggestion on this? Did you take the plate out or leave it in?

    Any vets that want to answer, what do you suggest and why?

    BTW, the surgery appears to have been successful. 5 weeks into it and he is getting stronger every day. His limping is pretty much gone except after just getting up from extended sleep, he favors it a bit.

    At this point the surgery appears worth the money and effort.

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    Our Jack Russell had TPLO on both sides. The plates bothered her in the winter when it was cold and damp, so we had them taken out. I know someone with a pointer who had the plate out for the same reason. Labs, though, have more hair-I don't know any that have had the plates removed. If your dog isn't bothered by the plates and everything heals fine, leave them in-no point to another surgery if all is well...
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    agreed, leave the plate in unless it is causing problems, very few do cause problems

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    I agree also with leaving the plate in. My chessie has had his in for going on 4 yrs now and no problems. All the tplo's we do in our clinic we haven't taken any out yet. If there is a on going problem with it then yes take it out otherwise it's ok to leave it in.
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