How close is to close between pup and elder?
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Thread: How close is to close between pup and elder?

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    Default How close is to close between pup and elder?

    We are having a great time with our chessie pup. And Indy has turned out to be a super pup mentor, teaching him to swim, playing with him, etc. But I have always been told that pup and other dog should not "bond". We do keep them separated in their respective kennels most of the time, but allow "play time" in the evening or when going for a swim. They clearly enjoy one another, is this going to be a problem? I don't want to get to picky with them, nor do I want to affect eithers training. So far it has not, except that we can not have Indy out when pup is working or he gets too distracted.
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    As you are having significant problems with Indy, by your past descriptions....... until he learns to fun for him.

    Nothing in life is free, until control and consistency reach a higher standard.

    I too have in the past drawn a line in the sand, so to speak, 24/7. Its tough with 5 labradors, in the house, 4 of which I train. That being said, gives me time to generalise commands also. In house training I call it.
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    The question of pups somehow bonding too closely with other dogs is a head scratcher for me. I've had pups sharing my home with grown dogs since the '70s, and far as I can tell, their relationships to each other and their relationships to me are, for practical purpose, separate entities. To blame a shortcoming in my relationship with a pup on it's bond with other household dogs (or humans) would be shirking responsibility that is rightfully my own.
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