Diesel vs Gas
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Thread: Diesel vs Gas

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    Default Diesel vs Gas

    Beginning to look for a new truck. What mileage difference would be expected? Other considerations? What premium would you be willing to pay for a diesel?

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    Mileage is just about no different but diesel prices have been higher that gas. Most of the time a diesel will last longer than a gas burner. I used to be a service writer at a GM shop. Saw mostly electrical and fuel problems with newer models trucks.
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    I love my diesel and wouldn't go back to gas no matter the difference in fuel price. It's a workhorse that just loves to challenged by a heavy load. If you get off road, get a 4x4. The front end is much heavier than gas engine and will sink down in soft dirt or wet areas. My 2001 Dodge Ram SLT 4x4 Long Bed has 125,000 miles and is just getting broke in good. Look for used deals. I got mine 2 years old with 75,000 miles for $16500. It was originally a $40,000 sticker. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tville View Post
    Beginning to look for a new truck. What mileage difference would be expected? Other considerations? What premium would you be willing to pay for a diesel?
    I have been driving Ford diesels since 1983, currently own an '01 and '06, both great trucks, very good on the highway where I do the majority of my driving.

    My '06 F 250 crew cab FWD gets 17+ mpg at 75 mph on the highway, stop and go driving reduces that by 2 to 3 mpg. With a tailwind I've gotten as much as 20 mpg.

    Diesels are more expensive to buy but hold their resale value much better than gas engine pickups. Routine maintenance on a diesel is more costly (oil change $80).

    If you plan to tow a load and/or drive the truck for 200,000+ miles or trade before 70,000 get a diesel, if not get a gas engine.

    IMHO 4WD is a must regardless of engine unless you never drive off pavement or in snow or ice

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    I own a chevy silerado with a duramax in it and I love it . It's a 4x4 and can go anywhere I want. I get about 15 miles per gal. pulling my 18ft trailer. This has been the best truck I have ever had. I found it used with about 50,000 miles and it looked new. I also chiped it and got better milage too. I have never had such a nice truck and for the money I wouldn't have anything but a deisel now. It pulls really nicely down the highway and off road it pretty much idles through most everything.

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    IMHO Diesel is the way to go! I had a 3/4 ton gas burner that got around 14 to 15 but when you pulled something it dropped down below 10 and last year when we pulled the camper down to the Cimmaron FT we hit wind and we were getting around 4mpg!!!! Had a 3/4 ton diesel and got around 18 mpg and over 20 on the highway. Just traded for a ton mega cab diesel and love it to death....not much difference in mpg's and a ton more room. Looking forward to the trip south this spring to see the mileage difference. When you go to trade them off they do not drop in value nearly as fast.


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    I have a 2006 Dodge 1 ton Quad Cab long bed.

    I get 19.8 mpg. Its a diesel. Pulling the horse trailer or the dog trailer makes no difference on my mpg.

    I love love love it.


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    I've owned several trucks, gas, and diesel, with the last two being diesel. I presently own a 07 3500 Dodge dually mega cab. This weekend driving in a blinding snow storm, with very high winds on the highway, got 17.5 mpg. Remember that's with winter diesel fuel, which isn't as efficient as untreated fuel. I pull several trailers, and travel a lot, for me, the diesel is a must. Tons of power, economical as far as consumption, and has been very durable.
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    I dont see the saving on a deisel i agree the power is better for sure i have 196,000 on my 03 F150 with no issues so far .

    Basicly if you take care of them they take care of you. JMHO

    i get 14-15 avg. mpg up to 17 on the highway
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    I have had both a 05 3/4 ton 4x4 silverado est cab gas and diesel. I pull a 22' construction trailer and a 40' gooseneck quite abit locally.

    Power- By far a diesel, thing will absolutely kick a--.
    Fuel Mileage- Well they say diesel but heres the story

    When I had the gas for three months brand new, I was working about 70 miles away. Everyday wind or not I would average about 11-14. If I reset to actual mileage going down highway at 55 I would get 17, at 75 I would get 11mpg.

    Right now I have the diesel. I average right at 14.9mpg. 55 down the highway I have got 18-20mpg. Going 75 it would drop to 15. Now last year I pulled a 12' enclosed cargo trailer, just a little thing full of goose decoys and gear to North Dakota. I live in Iowa. I averaged 11.9 on the money. The only time I would get more was when going down hill or following semi where I could pull a Dale Jr and draft alittle.

    Right now im contemplating trading it in for a 1/2 ton crew cab. Dont know what to do. Diesel is 3.50 right now and gas is 2.98. I love the power but how much power does a normal person need to spend that much $$$$$. Granted Some people need that power and longterm quality.

    Im up in the air right now.

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