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Thread: Best tires for a dog truck

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    Default Best tires for a dog truck


    I have been using Uniroyal Larados, and have been getting 30,000 miles out of them. I have an F350 crew cab, single axle, with a 12 hole CPH box. Does anybody have any suggestions for a better tire? I'm looking at the Michelin LTX M/S.

    Thanks for any insights, Buck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swift River View Post
    for a better tire? I'm looking at the Michelin LTX M/S.
    that's the best, I got almost 100,000 miles on my last set on an F 250

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    Kumho Road Venture AT 10 ply. Got 50,000 out of first set on a 3/4 ton suburban. 265 75 16 ran about $600 mounted and balanced.

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    Depends on where you live, you give no location. Tire demands are different in Florida than in Alaska. I'm going to put Goodyear Triple-Treds on my truck this fall. High ratings on snow and ice as well as long tread life.
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    i am off to get a set of goodyear wrangler silent armor's put on this afternoon. suppose to be a very good tire. seems to have all positive responses on the link that is posted above. time will tell!
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    Not sure how you feel about them but google "high Tech retreads" great prices on retreaded tires. Love my set and paid 1/4 of the cost I would have for new. And for 31 inch tires 60 dollars a piece was a great deal.
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    Cooper Tires have been my choice for heavy duty applications. Be certain you chose nothing less than an "E" weight rating with the dog box.

    My 350 currently has Goodyear MT/R mud tires. They suck. Supposed to be the best against puncture. I had a little sharp rock go right through the thickest tread and cause a flat---not worth $265 per tire----Back to Coopers for me.

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    I've got 88k on Michelin LTX MS, 265.75.16, on an 03 Surburban . Third truck I've had them on.
    Goodyears, according to my friends that have them, do not wear well at all.
    I rotate every 6,000 miles & run 37 lbs of air.
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    Go with the Michelins, I avg. 50-60,000 mi

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