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Thread: Best tires for a dog truck

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    Check out . You can get recommendations and reviews.

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    BFGOODRICH all terains. good traction for off road and great on the highway. I have over 50,000 on my set right now and still look new. only thing is that they are known to hum once they get some miles on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swift River View Post

    I have been using Uniroyal Larados, and have been getting 30,000 miles out of them. I have an F350 crew cab, single axle, with a 12 hole CPH box. Does anybody have any suggestions for a better tire? I'm looking at the Michelin LTX M/S.

    Thanks for any insights, Buck
    Michelins will give you the quietest ride & best mileage but the LTX M/S may not be available for your truck based upon the year & size of your tire. If not, the Michelin - LTX® A/T2 from Costco is a comparable alternative. BTW, I've not found a better price (drive out) on Michelins anywhere than Costco.

    Also beware that some tire dealers will try to sell you the proper size but not the right load rating tire for your F-350 which equals lower mileage & poor ride.
    David Didier, GA

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    Thanks to all, I will go with the Michelins, Buck

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    Quote Originally Posted by duckheads View Post
    i am off to get a set of goodyear wrangler silent armor's put on this afternoon. suppose to be a very good tire. seems to have all positive responses on the link that is posted above. time will tell!
    You will like them a lot. One guy in our club just bought his second set, after getting over 90,000 miles on the first set. I just put a set on my truck and I love them.
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    The Michelin LTX AT2 are a viable replacement for the LTX MS. The tread depth is deeper, and the tread pattern is said to to better in the mud & snow. Milage is expected to be close to the LTX MS.

    Check the Michelin web site for details.
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