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Thread: pet insurance

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    Default pet insurance

    I was thinking about getting insurance for my dogs. Does anybody have insurance what are the pros and cons?
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    here is a link to a very good discussion several months ago, like all insurance if you don't need it, it was a waste of money, if you do it was the best money you ever spent

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    Here is a link to the pet insurance a good number of our clients have that come to our clinic. They are very happy with it and depending on the coverage you go for they do pick up a good amount of the bill. One of our clients did chemo therapy on their dog and they said that the insurance company took care of most of the cost which was around $3000 by the time they were done. The only complaint I heard was from one client that had a TPLO done on his dog and they would only cover up to a certain amount and then anything after that he had to cover, so I imagine it's all is what coverage and how much you are willing to pay for the coverage. I just got in the clinic today that Purina now has a pet insurance they are endorsing but don't know much about it and also the ASPCA has a plan also. It seems when you don't have insurance you need it and when you have it you don't. They have basic plans that cover routine vaccinations up to major medical. I am not sure but think that there may be some stipulations to some breeds that are prone to genetic conditions (you would have to read the fine print). Good luck with your decision.

    I work in the vet field and don't carry it on any of my pets and wish I had since I spend $3000 on each dog for orthopedic injuries, so maybe on the next dog I get I will sign up.
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