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Thread: diatomaceous earth

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    Default diatomaceous earth

    Saw it mentioned on rtf for internal parasites. After doing research on it:
    -it says NOT to get in eyes(will dry them out)
    -not to inhale for same reason.
    If it will dry you out like that, why would it not dry the insides out.
    This is the FOOD GRADE DE
    Just curious

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    A digestive system is much better able to process a powder than eyes or lungs. It may absorb water from your system, but the simple fix is to give the dog more water to drink. Removing it from the eyes and lungs is the same as removing dust from these organs.
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    From Dana's Textbook of Mineralogy -- Tripolite ----Formed from the siliceous shells of diatoms (hence called diatomite) & other microscopic species, & occurring in extensive deposits. Includes Infusorial Earth or Earthy Tripolite, a very fine-grained earth looking often like an earthy chalk, or a clay, but harsh to the feel, & scratching glass when rubbed on it.

    You may not be familiar with the term "Rocked Up" but that is used to describe a individual who has breathed too much silica dust, which in turn scratches the inside of their lungs & creates scar tissue to an extent that the person is no longer able to breathe in extreme cases.

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