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Thread: dogs into mexico

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    Default dogs into mexico

    Got a bummer of a conundrum. Was asked to go duck, quail and dove hunting in Mexico this winter. Trip was going to cost about $3000 - all my need newer Suburban, wingers ATV money etc. So I declined.

    Lo Behold come to find out the owner of the lodge wants someone to come down for about 2 weeks and guide w/dogs. Deal is trip paid, work pooches every morning on ducks, run a brace on quail or dove p/u in the pm. 5 star lodging covered etc. Get to pop a few ducks now and again and get tips etc. OOOOh it hurts but someone's got to do it.

    I've googled taking pets into Mexico - and as I understand it taking one or two dogs in isn't much of a problem, current vet certs and a $20 fee at the border. But taking 5 dogs for two weeks may be an issue. Read something about a zoo regulation applying to more than 3 and a link to a spanish language site - don't speak, never mind read spanish.

    I'm guessing the lodge owner will be able to help some with this, but I am wondering if anybody on here has had occasion to take a mess of mutts south of the border and if they can offer any additional tips, insight etc.

    I guide regularly up here, so I'll politely decline any advice or comments about proper conditioning , heat etc but would welcome advice on slithery things, dinosaurs, stingy things and so forth. My major concern for right now is crossing the border issues (and crossing back for that matter!)

    And no .... I'm not telling any of the scam artists on here where I am going ... no way anyone is horning in on this until I'm confirmed in or out!!!!

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    I have been taking dogs to Mexico for many decades and have never been asked for any documentation by the Mexican officials at the border. They check the guns and ammo but never the dogs. I was once asked if I had proof of rabies vaccination when crossing back into the U.S.A., but when I said I did, the inspector waved me through.


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