Have you ever had someone change...
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Thread: Have you ever had someone change...

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    Default Have you ever had someone change...

    Have you ever had someone change the parentage of a dog in your dog's pedigree on Good Dog Info? I know it is the wrong dam because I downloaded to pedigree from the AKC website, just to be positive. I change it & it gets changed back by someone. I finally put a note that the "dam is correct by AKC" in the notes box. They also changed the spelling of another dog, which is incorrect. What do I do?

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    i saw on someone elses dogs they wrote do not change records on my dogs.. who knows if it works or not..

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    That is the only bad thing with a Wiki type database...it's only as good as the data entered....proceed with caution. Otherwise, they are generally fairly accurate.
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    When you pull up your dog's record, at the bottom left is "View Modifications". Click on that and it will tell you the name of the person who changed it and the date. Contact the person who has the website and let them know that "so and so" has been changing your information.


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    Obviously if people can "makeup stuff" then the website is BS and not worth a hill of beans. I would think the moderators would be able to help with your problem. Send them the details.

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    Check the view modifications option to see who is making the changes. Some changes cannot be made more than two weeks after a dog has been entered except by an administrator. In one case where I had made a mistake on one of my own dogs, I deleted the record altogether and then re-entered it. You can always send an email to the web master.

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    I did look up the modifications names, but I have no idea why they would be messing with this record. Don't have a clue who they are. I will do some more investigating. Thanks for the suggestions.

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    You can now lock the record on your own dogs. Don't know if that will help the parents being changed or not.If all else fails, enter a new dam with the correct name. She'll be in there twice, but maybe it won't get changed any more.
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    How do you lock the record? I have always posted Do Not Edit My Dogs Records in the comment box, I would like to lock it.

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    For those of you who complained that LabraData is "too cumbersome" because we require a copy of the registration to enter a dog.... THIS is precisely WHY we do it!!!! When someone submits a dog online, even that owner can make a typo error or be looking at the wrong number when entering. Our filemanager double checks the submittal form against the registration to make sure dog, sire and dam are an exact match and that the person submitting is actually the owner (or one of them). That prevents both errors and violation of privacy problems.

    To the best of my knowledge, LabraData is the ONLY database that has completely verified data about Labradors. All certifications and titles are either entered from submitted documents (scanned copies) or from official databases like AKC, OFA, CERF. Health data can only be entered by the owner. In other words, some other person can't report that YOUR dog has 'xxx' disease or produced 'yyy' genetic disorder. As far as I can tell on GDI, anyone can enter or change information about any dog. You don't even have to be malicious to really foul up a dogs lineage AND reputation!

    Your comments on this thread reflect the reason our initial design was based on only putting verified data into the database. I'd rather have people complain that it took them a couple of extra minutes more to scan and send a registration copy than to get REALLY upset that someone could arbitrarily change their dog's parentage without proof.
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