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Thread: live ducks

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    John and Breck gave you the best advice.

    Been there done that.


    P.S. If you must keep ducks the freezer is the best place IMO.
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    Luckily we currently have a supplier on the way to where we train.

    Keeping ducks at home isn't all that bad unless you keep them on the ground. Then they are in mud. If any part of the enclosure has mud that's where they'll all be. The water that everyone mentioned to keep in the pen with them is a good idea. The more the better, that's what makes them nice and waterproof.

    The only problem is during the catching process where you go after the ducks and they go to the other end, etc., etc. They all make a pass through that little wading pool. A long handled fishing net is in every "pro" duck wrangler's hands.
    John Lash

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    I finished off some Roan mallards last summer (flightless) in a 30 x30 pen with some chickens. The above posts are right on, loud, stinky and messy. I kept a small kiddy pool in there for them to swim in which they loved but got gross pretty quick had to change every 5-7 days and that was the smelly part. They love to "dabble" in the mud which caused the messy part. They also like to "shovel" through their food which was messy and wasteful. The hens are loud, but that part didn't bother me too much as I live out of town. If you really want to keep mallards, the freezer was the best recommendation unless it's short term then 5x10 area would work, but again, short term.
    Jeff Brezee

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