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Thread: If its not EIC, then what could it be??

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    yes its a thick syrup can be found in any grocery store she was a small poodle and when she had an episode my mom would give her a tablespoon full it would bring her right back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debbie H View Post
    what is Karo syrup....is that human food, and if she is in the middle of her collaps, how do I give it to her. I tried letting an ice cube drip onto her tongue, but she wouldn't have any part of it.
    Pediatric medicine syringe... available at Walgreens or equivalent. Squirt in it. She'll swallow it!

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    Thank you....I'm going to pick one up. How much would you give your dog in that syringe at one time, and would you only do it once?

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    its very thick, sometimes my mom would just get some on her finger in and smear it inside her mouth I would not force anything into her mouth making her swallow if shes in a collapse You can have your vet check for hypoglycemia with a blood test. I'm not a vet this is just worked for our dog not saying thats whats wrong with her.

    Symptoms of hypoglycemia: Symptoms include but are not limited to: Slow heartbeat and breathing, weak, sleepy, disoriented, wobbly, glassy eyed, and seizures. In some cases pets may lose consciousness and fall into a coma. Pets can die from hypoglycemia if they do not receive treatment.
    Diagnosing hypoglycemia: Your veterinarian can diagnose hypoglycemia with a quick blood test that checks your pets blood glucose or blood sugar.
    Treatment for hypoglycemia: If you notice your pet is acting wobbly or weak try giving some treats or canned food, anything you know your pet will eat. If your pet won't eat, try giving it some sugar, Karo syrup works the best. Rub the syrup on the gums and under the tongue if your pet is unconscious. If your pet is not unconscious and can swallow you can give the sugar with a needleless syringe. If your pets blood sugar drops it may also begin to suffer with hypothermia, so you'll need to help keep your cat or dog warm with a hot water bottle and blankets. A milk jug filled with steaming hot water makes a good hot water bottle in a pinch. This treatment can also work with puppies and kittens who are failing to thrive. After giving initial first aid get your pet to your veterinarian immidiately.
    Diabetics and hypoglycemia: If diabetics are given to much insulin they can develop hypoglycemia.
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    I'm pulling up this old post because a 6 yo male that I bred had an incident yesterday mid morning (only mid 50's at the most but humid/wet) while upland hunting. He had just made a couple nice retrieves and the buddy noticed him start to wobble. They said he basically fell over, was glassy eyed, trembling, hyperventilating / w/ very noisy breathing but responsive. He's never had an issue prior to this. They had been hunting hard for ~2.5 hrs at that point and had hunted just as hard the day prior.

    I have offered to have him EIC tested since I know of one Affected in that litter (confirmed right after the test came out), also in an avid hunting home, but if that comes back negative, I'm guessing hypoglycemia may be a good bet. The guy said he normally offers more water but didn't offer as much yesterday and they were apparently near water a bit. Doesn't sound like he carries food on his hunts for the dog.

    So to you who hunt avidly-- do you have a rule of thumb on when to offer energy bars, fluids etc, while out upland hunting? I'm thinking I want to add this info to my puppy packet if this is something that folks should be doing. TIA--- Anne

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    The "very noisy breathing" might indicate laryngeal paralysis. LP is most common in older dogs, but can show up at earlier ages.
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    Is 2.5 hrs hunting hard 2 days in a row normal? IMO I thinks thats a lot for a dog without rotating dogs but maybe not?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Nilsson View Post
    Is 2.5 hrs hunting hard 2 days in a row normal? IMO I thinks thats a lot for a dog without rotating dogs but maybe not?
    I don't really know but the guy works during the week so I suspected it may be a bit more than the dog was conditioned for, so asked about his weight. Said it was decent but maybe 1-2# heavier than last year since they had just had him neutered recently. I'll see as I think that line can carry a little more weight than people realize and so it can sneak up on you if you aren't watching.

    I seriously doubt it's LP, Kelly-- I'd think he'd have a high pitched bark if so, and never had an issue w/ that until late in life (~11) and only w/ my very first lab. When she went down, it was more of a wheezing, and no way would she have been able to work that long at that point.

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    My male died a year ago from LP and my Bear has it now, he's 12 and cannot even go for a walk. He starts coughing after a walk across the yard.

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