Who's catching pigeons in NYC? GDG
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Thread: Who's catching pigeons in NYC? GDG

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    Default Who's catching pigeons in NYC? GDG

    I saw this article, and laughed thinking about how I have been in cities and thought "Damn, I should snag some of these pigeons and take them home".


    The comments are pretty funny - lots of people saying 'I'm happy someone is getting these vermin off the streets', with the token animal rights interjection ('pigeons are beautiful creatures, blah, blah, blah').

    I just keep picturing the pigeon napper from the article in Central Park the next day, planting pigeons for his bird dog.

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    I work in NYC and think about grabbing a few of the buggers to take home on the train with me. I want to bring my dog into the city and have him snap one up and then walk down teh street with it in his mouth just to see people's reactions...

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    "......all I wanted was one or two to help train my lab pup...." - We would all undoubtedly understand, but can you imagine with all the animal rights people in NYC....

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    LOL- a pro I used to train with said he dreamed of inventing a large "pigeon vacuum" and using it to sweep up pigeons in the downtown area.
    I have a pigeon trap which I loaned to a colleague to catch the pigeons fouling her car in her carport. I told her that if anyone asked what she was going to do with the birds to tell them that I would be taking them to Fall City and letting them go...at least partially true

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    When I was going to U of M for radiation last year, I really wanted to take a net and bird crate. Every day when we came out of the subterranian parking lot, there were lots of fat roof rats mooching tyreats in a small park.

    DC is just as bad. When I went there a few years back as a chaperone for my daughters school trim, they werre everywhere. A lot of these urban birds are tooooo fat to really get airborne.
    Bob Gutermuth
    Canvasback Chesapeakes

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