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Thread: Looking for info.

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    Question Looking for info.

    Hello all, Pretty new to the board looks like there is tons of good information here and good informative posters also.
    I'm new to hunt tests and have a dog about ready to try for his JH I think. How does the JH work, never been to a hunt test but am planning to be at some very soon! What are the most common mistakes people make with a JH? Our dog is pro-trained for a few months but we are having a hard time spending enough time getting trained ourselves do to commintments,work,school that kind of stuff. Links or just basic info. is appreciated. Thanks for the help all. Once again this is a great board! Bt.

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    Do NOT touch the dog before taking the bird!
    Do NOT pick up a bird that the dog has dropped, the dog must pick it up
    Once you call for the birds, Do NOT speak to the dog until the judge says dog

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    Try not to rush. When you put your hand in to send, count to minimum of 5 before you send the dog in training and at a test. Practice having someone else call a number before you releash in training. Quite often new handlers forget to wait for the judge to call their running order number before releasing the dog, and are dropped.

    Try not to rush between the birds. Position yourself to line the dog up with the mark, and watch the dog's breathing. Once the dog lets out a breath and settles, then it's time to call for the next mark.

    Print the premium so you know what time the event starts, if there is food on the grounds, where to stay, etc.

    Check in with the stake Marshal when you arrive--look for the person with the clipboard. It's your responsibility to be at your stake and ready to run when the Marshal asks. You may not run in the order of the draw (in the lower stakes) because other handlers may have dogs in multiple stakes. However, it is still your job to be available to run when the Marshal asks.

    In JH you cannot use a slip lead to go to the line. You can use a flat buckle collar/leash to get to the line and run your dog with a flat buckle collar in JH (if you desire). Use a holding blind in training and practice getting from the blind to the line, taking off leash, looping leash under collar to steady your dog, and letting leash slip through as dog is sent.

    Quite often, the JH judges will give a pep talk to outline what is and is not allowed. This helps to calm nerves...sometimes.

    Go to a hunting test and watch before you enter one. You can pick up a lot of tips by watching others handle and just being around the event.

    Try not to rush, try not to rush, try not to rush.....
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    Good advice, Ann! I'm going to keep that in mind for later.
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    Thanks all for the advice. I think going and watching the first time is probably the right thing to do. Guess that's we are planning for now...hurry up end of the month...
    Thanks again for the advice! Looks to be a good group of people here that share and don't mind helping others!

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