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Thread: EIC results

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    Default EIC results

    I appreciate that not a lot of people have received their official results as yet, but I have not seen any posts about the subject. I posted mine on another thread, but have been wondering how many others have their rerpots back.

    I had 4 done, 3 clear, one carrier. It is about what we expected.

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    I just received mine this morning (faxed to vet office)- clear. I wasn't expecting different, since that was what the results of the research phase test was, but still good to have in-hand. I'll probably send it into OFA, along with the RD/OSD test results (also clear). My hope is that nobody looking at my dog's OFA site thinks I'm on a witch-hunt, though. I don't know if there is another dog (I guess I should clarify- labrador) on OFA that has this many clearances, LOL.

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    Still waiting.Mine went out about when yours did.

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    I sent three in last Monday Fed-Ex next day.

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    I'm waiting on the process to smooth out and all of the quirky little questions/problems (like the problem w/ the vet having to ship the sample that was resolved) to be resolved. I probably won't ever breed my dog anyway, but I'll probably test for EIC & CNM anyway just to learn (possibly) more about the dogs in his pedigree. Of course if he is clear then I really haven't learned anything about his ancestors - he could just be lucky. BTW, I have no reason to suspect that they were carriers.
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    They received 6 tests from me on August 4th. I haven't received any results back yet.

    I expect one to come back a carrier and one to come back affected. We'll see what the others come back with.


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    I sent out mine (1 dog) last Thursday. It was the first my vet had done - we did CNM and EIC and my vet hadn't heard of either disease let alone the tests - although they did say that other Lab breeders used their clinic for OFA x-rays. (I'm new to the area and it was my first visit to this particular vet). I will be sure to post results when they are received. I certainly appreciate other dog owner's posting their results.


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