Who Knew?? (political/music gdg)
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Thread: Who Knew?? (political/music gdg)

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    Default Who Knew?? (political/music gdg)

    Geesh, just when you think you know a guy?? Next he'll be endorsing the Dixie Chicks for the new Obama Girls! :eye roll:

    Peake - Time to go listen to some "Stranglehold" and the Nuge!

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    Guess he isnt worried about losing his fan base...the Dixie Chicks never regained their popularity after their views were aired..looks like TK is more into being "cool" than being smart...
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    You are so correct, Dave. Talk about getting stabbed in the back. Guess that wipes out another icon I'd have liked to believe in. He now rests on the ash heap that was primarily Willie's and Kristofferson's. Thank God we had Waylon, the Duke, and Moses.

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