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Thread: Cut Paw

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    Last Sunday my 1yr old chocolate lab cut his paw open in the water while training at the lake , that needed 10 stiches , and I got a lovely vet bill , just wondering do the heal up fast , he's right now limited on what he does due to vet orders , it just sucks two weaks before the season , Any thoughts ??


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    My dog has cut his several times during the various degrees...the worst I had was instead of a deep gash (typicall) he flayed a whole chunk right off the top...nasty and took longer to heal

    I keep him kenneled up as much as possible and off of it and it usually heels up pretty quick.

    I will sometimes use the "sock" type boot to cover it if it is still tender.

    from my exp though the healing is very quick on the pads.

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    Kristie Wilder


    keep him off it, keep it covered, keep it clean... where exactly was the cut?

    Usually 10 days for stitches to come out... So you may be ok...


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    Whistler has 3000.00 feet. He sliced at least two and then two stayed infected-toe nail bed.
    Anyway, use the press on saran wrap stuff to air, keeps it clean, and if it is raining, dry. I used baby socks to protect it, but only if your dog won't eat it. Bengay works well as a deterent too.
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    We just got back from the vet tonite everything looks good heeling well , fresh bandages , I cover the foot with a saline bag pretty tuff , goes out to go to the bathroom thats it.

    It was the big pad that got cut , tuff dog if i didn't look downafter he healed to me , I would have sent if on the next bumper that was out there , I lost a bumper no big deal , seems to be fine !! I will keep you posted !!

    Thanks Tim

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