Finding a Dam for my Sire (pup from Dakota's Cajun Roux)
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Thread: Finding a Dam for my Sire (pup from Dakota's Cajun Roux)

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    Default Finding a Dam for my Sire (pup from Dakota's Cajun Roux)

    I am looking for some help on where I should start on my quest for a new puppy. My current gun dog / family dog (Roux) is a big male chocolate sired by Dakotaís Cajun Roux that was born in November 2007. His Dam was was sired by Nan-Dool Elwood Blues with her Dam from the Barracuda Blue lineage. I would like to find a high quality Dam and have him sire a litter, but I donít know where to start. I would buy one of the puppies and I would also guarantee the sale of a couple more to friends and relatives of mine.

    He has been the best dog I could have ever imagined, and is still hunting hard at 9 but I realize that this will likely end sooner rather than later. I am an avid duck hunter and he is phenomenal and has been since his first season. The fact that he turned out so well is even more surprising and a testament to his genetics since I trained him myself and I had no clue what I was doing. I considered running some hunt tests with him and am certain that he would have done great, but I just could never get all that interested in it so he doesnít have any titles.

    As good of a hunting dog as he is, he is an even better family dog. No anxiety and generally very calm as long as no ball or dummy is involved. Never, ever barks. Plays well with kids, dogs, cats, anything.

    Any help you can provide in where I should look to find a Dam is greatly appreciated.
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    In my opinion, not worth a lot, but I would look at someone that has hunted with your dog and is wanting a litter. It is going to be tough to get someone to breed their bitch to your dog without any idea of his merit (titles). Also a lot of health clearances that need to be considered as well as am I advancing the breed or doing this just for the sake of another pup. Again just my opinion.

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    What is your definition of "a high quality Dam"?
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    read and then re read post #2

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    At 9 you will want to have a sperm check done. If you are set on a pup your best bet may be to have him collected and sperm set aside for a future breeding from a puppy you buy and raise. Get all his health clearances too.

    There is nothing that says he is too old to run some hunt tests. They are fun!

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    Agree with Tobias. Buy a well bred pup that is a good match based on pedigree. If you raise/train her and you would want a puppy out of her as well, then breed with the frozen straw from your male. I'd say finding a well-bred female to breed with would be a tough task unless you knew the owner of a female who fit that description. If you did, you likely wouldn't be here asking for help finding one.

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    Just like in the human world the boy must impress the girl to get "dates". Your best bet is to buy a female if you are dead set on breeding your boy. A better option would be to look for similar Roux breedings.

    Good luck and keep smacking those ducks!
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    You won't get a lot of great responses on this site for your request. Many responses will be quite snarky. Truth is, you are probably only going to find a Dam from someone you know well (or a friend of a friend or whatever) that would like to have a puppy from their dog as well. There are too many titled dogs with all of their health clearances available at stud for someone to breed their bitch your dog. It sounds like your dog is a great dog and companion. I'm sure you could sell all the puppies to your friends and family. You may already have them all sold for all I know. At any rate, if you're set on breeding him, by all means go for it, you can probably find a random bitch but like someone else said, are you improving the breed by doing so? Would you consider just buying another pup from the Dakota Cajun Roux line from two well titled parents?

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    So if it were me I'd get his health clearances, and most likely freeze-save some semen. That way you extend your time frame and if you don't get anyone to take you up on a litter, you have it available should something come up and you can always buy a female pup, and breed her to him later. Had a friend with a male Chessie that did this, work out really well; still has another vial left if anything else should come up
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