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Thread: EIC Results - Feel free to post RESULTS here!

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    Biggun's Wild Rose Warrior .... EIC CLEAR (NFC FC AFC Clubmead's Road Warrior X NFTCH FTCH Biggun's Big Chill)

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    Candlewoods TNT Tyra, (Autumn Runs Vince x Candlewoods Rita Reynolds) Clear, CNM clear

    Oooh La La, (Trumarcs Stormin Norman II x Goldeneye's Opsie Daisey) Affected, CNM clear, Optigen clear. Non symptomatic

    Little Miss Can't Be Wrong III, (Captn's Sierra Shadow Ale x Sandvalley's Rollin Thunder) Carrier, CNM clear

    Oasis Southern Accent, (Aquarius Centercourt Delight x Candlewood's Abigail of Oasis) affected, CNM clear, optigen B. Non symptomatic


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    EIC results received today for "Twig" - Bit of Shine Engl SGDC

    EIC: Clear
    CNM: Clear
    prcd-PRA -Carrier
    RD/OSD- Clear
    Hips OFA good
    Elbows OFA normal

    Sire: FC FTCH AFTCH Taylorslab Magic Trick MH CD
    Dam: Spider's Sunshine AADC AGDC MSDC MSCDC NAC NJC NGC
    Last edited by Erin Lynes; 09-24-2010 at 10:28 PM. Reason: added clearance info
    Erin Lynes
    Eromit Labrador Retrievers

    Home of:
    Twig AGDC, Ruger JH AADC AGDC MGDC MSDC MSCDC CRNCL, Winchester SGDC CRNCL CGN - 2015 BC Amateur Xtreme Air Champ, Shelby SGDC CRNCL, Spider - 2015 Canadian Xtreme Air Pro Champ, Kimber SGDC ATD, Verona SGDC, Missie, Jackie CW-SD CGN, Jet, Pickle- 2015 Canadian Xtreme Air Amateur Champ, Glitzy CRNMCL SGDC - 2015 BC Semi Pro Xtreme Vertical Champ, Harvey, Avi CRNCL & Viper CW-SP- 2015 BC Semi-Pro Xtreme Air Champ.

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    EIC Results for Sierras Ruby Of Alder Stream QAA,MH,CDX - Carrier


    FC Windsor's Royal Puck / Alder Stream's Green Winged Teal

    further pedigree can be found by emailing me directly - Bonnie

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    DreamMeyer's For A Few Dollars More EIC Clear

    FC AFC High Tech CEO X DreamMeyer Elwood's Blue Echo MH

    It took almost exactly 21 days to get the results back from the time they were received.

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    Chopper's Black Medalion JH (NFC AFC Clubmead's Road Warrior x Van's Smoking Pepper) OFA excellent, Elbows normal, Eye cerf, CNM white list, EIC clear.

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    Bosacker's Hidden Acres Boser, (FC AFC Blackwater Rudy X Grindstone Molly Murphy) Affected, Born March 21- 2006, Boser is in advanced Training and no Signs yet!!

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    EIC Results for: FC-AFC Crow Rivers Cougar's Mad Max CLEAR

    Watermarks Bay Creek Rascal MH QAA CLEAR

    Roger Weller
    Crow RIver Retrievers

    I should add: FC-AFC Crow Rivers Cougar's Mad Max- EIC Clear, is out of: FC-AFC Crow Rivers Malarky's Cougar x AFC Tahoe's Mally Malarky

    and Watermark's Baycreek Rascal MH QAA- EIC Clear, is out of: FC-AFC Hilltop's Hayseed x Watermark's Calendar Girl (Lean Mac x Hattie McBunn)

    Max and Rascal are: OFA Hips, Elbows Normal, CNM and EIC Clear, and Eyes Cerfed.

    Roger Weller
    Last edited by Vicky Trainor; 09-15-2008 at 06:35 AM.

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    Sureshot The Sheriff SH (FC/AFC High Tech Ceo X AFC Sureshot's Little Party Girl) OFA- excellent, Cerf, CNM clear, EIC carrier.

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    Flatlands Frisky Business QAA: OVC Hips Clear, Elbows Normal, CNM Clear, EIC Clear
    (FC AFC Sally's South Paw X FTCH Carronade's Risky Business)

    Kapriver Black Ice QAA: OVC Hips Clear, Elbows Normal, CNM Clear, EIC Clear
    (FTCH Carronade's HammerTime MH X FTCH AFTCH Mjolnir's Daisy Mae)

    Both are OFA Hips Prelim EX, CNM whitelist, EIC submittal to OFA pending.


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