Dog Food Poll; Part II - Why do you feed what you feed?
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Thread: Dog Food Poll; Part II - Why do you feed what you feed?

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    Default Dog Food Poll; Part II - Why do you feed what you feed?

    Sory folks, I'm a D-A. Poll is attatched to another thread.

    A. No reason to change - dog has never complained, at least not to me.
    B. Ingredients - quality trumps price but dang lately it has been rough!
    C. All-Natural – yeah, I’m like that. I watch what I eat too.
    D. Protein & fat % - These are athletes for goodness sake. Ol’Roy just don’t cut it. (Sorry Roy.)
    E. Price – limited budget, would buy better quality if I could afford it. Stinking gas & groceries killing me.
    F. Convenience – I’m lazy and it is on the way home anyway so lay off!
    G. I’m Lazy but would be willing to pay more for quality ingredients delivered to my home if I didn't have to wrestling those big ol’ bags.
    H. If I could earn some real $ off referrals, the quality was good & delivered I would switch.
    I. Other reason not listed (only 10 available) or combo of above.
    J. There is 5 minutes off my life I will never get back. Dude, get a life.
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    D, E, F

    Cant afford $45 for Pro Plan I live in the middle of Corn country in Missouri feed store (there's 2 of them) offers Pro Plan, Iams $45, or Diamond $25. Always have feed diamond and its pretty good my dogs have seemed to do well on it.
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    Ditto. Plus, we have had trouble with Pro Plan (brought home those trial sized bags from a hunt test) causing allergic reactions in two of our dogs, one actually having seizure like reaction. Would like to feed EUK or Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete, just don't have that kind of cash.

    According to this BMI chart, I am too short !!!

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    Raw diet takes a lot of time and freezer space, but I haven't found anything better or cheaper.

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    All of our dogs have always done well on Pro Plan Performance. Nice shiny coats, good stools, and good performance.
    "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have." - Thomas Jefferson

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    Fed VF Complete Performance for years before becoming a rep. Why?
    Fed PPP for 7 years, had issues with one dog. Price was going up, started to look around at less expensive foods. Knew better but oh well.
    Then heard of Arkat from a friend. Tried it, noticed a difference in as little as two weeks. Went to the plant for a tour, was pretty much sold after that. Started to sell the food shortly after.
    When I compared what I was feeding. The quality, what it did for my dog, the price etc, I just haven't found one yet that pound for pound, dollar for dollar has come close.
    If you knew what I went threw to make sure I could have the food. Now we have really settled into the northeast and getting stronger by the day.

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