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Thread: Retriever " Fun Games"

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    Default Retriever " Fun Games"

    The Upper Chesapeake Chapter of Delta Waterfowl (MD) is starting a retriever program which I have been asked to chair. I am looking for some fun games to play with the dogs. I have done some things like the "Super Single" and speed retrieve at some of the training days I have attended and am looking for some more things to do along these lines. There will be dogs of all skill levels, but probably more with little or no real training so some should be fairly easy for any dog to participate in.


    Program Director of "Delta Dogs"
    Upper Chesapeake Chapter of
    Delta Waterfowl

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    Obstacle Course

    Dash for Cash

    Timed 5 or 7 bird Blind Retrieve

    Bobbing for rubber ducks (for puppies and little kids)

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    For the more "experienced" or daring, the hotdog retrieve.

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    Birds on a Line or Pigeon Pick....You set up a low clothes line (rope or wire) and use wooden clothes pins to attach dead pigeons so that they hang about head high level for the dogs. Dog and handler start behind a line 20 yards or so from the clothes line. Run a stop watch and give each dog one minute(or whatever you choose) to collect as many birds as they can. Dog that retrieves the most birds back to the handler wins.
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    Pile driver
    put out a bumper pile at about 20 yards and a time limit. 1-2 min. Count how many bumpers the dog brings back in the time limit.
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    My club has holding it's tenth annual event called the Hunt Expo Sept 6th. Featured in such publications as The Retriever Journal, Wisconsin Outdoor News, and Wisconsin Outdoor Journal,
    Here is a link to the website.
    We have all sorts of retriever games.
    - Dock Jump.
    - Pheasant Run:
    Land. This is a timed retrieve using a hen pheasant.
    - Blue Goose Bay:
    Water.This is a timed retrieve using a Dokken Blue Goose Deadfowl Trainer.
    - Woodduck Shoot:
    Water. This is a timed retrieve using a Dokken woodduck Deadfowl Trainer. The event starts with a single retrieve followed by a diversion retrieve as the dog returns with the first bird.
    - Waterfowl Challenge:
    Land. The event will consist of two single retrieves or a double retrieve. The judge must be notified of your intent to retrieve singles or doubles prior to signaling for the birds.
    - Pheasant Scurry:
    Land. This is a timed event to find and retrieve five game birds in a designated area.
    - Field Frenzy:
    Land. This is a timed event to complete a double retrieve and a “hot” blind”. The event can also be run as two singles and a blind.
    - Upland Pheasant Challenge:
    Land. Birds to be planted and released from bird launcher. Should handler choose not to use the bird launcher and bird runs or is lost no re-run will be allowed (free).
    Click on the "2008 Hunt Expo Rules Draft" button and you will see them explained in detail.
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