Straight from the Assoc. Press:

WASHINGTON (AP) - A printing error is sending people looking to
call a federal phone number to order duck stamps to a phone-sex
The carrier card for the duck stamps transposes two numbers. So
instead of listing 1-800-782-6724, it lists 1-800-872-6724. The
first number spells out "1-800-STAMP24," while the second number
spells out "1-800-TRAMP24."
People calling the second number are welcomed by "Intimate
Connections" and enticed by a husky female voice to "talk only to
the girls that turn you on," for $1.99 a minute.
At $300,000, the government says the printing error would be too
expensive to correct and won't be fixed until next year's duck
Duck stamps are required to hunt migratory waterfowl. The
government uses nearly all of the revenue from the $15 stamps to
purchase waterfowl habitat for the National Wildlife Refuge System.