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Thread: kinda makes me mad

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    Default kinda makes me mad

    was doing some research for a hunters ed class that I will be hosting this weekend and found this

    Gaylord, Minn. (AP) A Belle Plaine man charged with fatally shooting his 8-year-old son in a hunting accident pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter.

    Forty-year-old Anthony Klaseus entered his plea Thursday in Sibley County District Court on Thursday. Charges of trespassing and hunting without a license were dropped.

    Klaseus admitted to shooting his son, Hunter, but maintained it was an accident.

    Prosecutors say Klasesus and Hunter - who was dressed in camouflage - were hunting April 19 when he said he mistook the boy for a turkey and fired.

    Officers that responded to the shooting found Hunter with pellet wounds through his neck and torso.

    A breath test administered at the scene to Anthony Klaseus registered a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.06 percent. A urine test revealed the presence of marijuana but the exact concentration hasn't been disclosed.
    may the Lord bless

    dogs are only as good as thier trainers,and trainers are only as good thier dogs

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    I take issue with the article. it wasn't a hunting accident, it was a poaching accident. To call this guy a hunter is to insult hunters everywhere.

    He was trespassing and had no license, therefore he wasn't hunting, he was poaching.

    This happened in the county I live in.

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    Eat up with DUMB A$$. Firearms and dope/alcohol mix about like a motor vehicle and either of the above.
    Bob Gutermuth
    Canvasback Chesapeakes

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