White field trial jackets for women??
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Thread: White field trial jackets for women??

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    Wink White field trial jackets for women??

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a place to obtain a really small mens or a small womens white field trial jacket. I am looking to purchase a cloth one w/ a nylon mesh back and a white waterproof one. I am a tiny person and most of the jackets I have found are huge! I am sure there has to be another tiny woman out there who has the same issue as me, but hopefully has found a solution!

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    Try this site....http://www.goldenlakejackets.com/jackets2.html
    Years ago...back in the 80's...I found a tailor located at my drycleaners..and had jackets and camo clothing made very reasonable.(I borrowed large ones for a pattern)..Cut the pattern down.. they fit and actually we changed them a bit and added a tiche' of style....Good Luck
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    I am getting some handlers jackets through Nutrisource dog food as my father was a dealer for them. My dad passed away this spring, but mom is still selling dog food, so I got a connection to the company there. At any rate, Mom called over to Nurtisource and asked them to get me a couple of jackets. We also had a couple of friends that wanted jackets, so she ordered a few more. One of the guys is a little on the short side, but pretty big otherwise. After mom got the order in, the guy at Golden Lake calls her up and asks about the size of the short, big guy as he had the ability to fit the jacket pretty well, but wanted to be certain he was going to have the jacket cut to fit well. With this in mind, I am betting that if you call Golden Lake up and tell him what you are looking for, he would be able to cut the jacket so it fit the way you wish it to.

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    Have you tried the uniform shops that Doctors and Nurses get their jackets from?
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    I highly recommend Golden Lake - Tom is super to deal with and he will get you the right size handler's jacket. The jackets are fantastic!! I am SO pleased with mine.

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    Dogs Afield - Bubba jacket (maybe Lion COuntry Supply?) Bought the small men's - it was huge, then I washed it and it is smaller....... it also has cord and pulls to tighten aroudn the bottom edge- it's not perfect but I also thought that small as I am I need my dog to see me so a lot of jacket is not always bad. It is not too long in the arm - has velcro on the wrists. the best of a lack of women's selection ( has the mesh back you are looking for) I bought a reversable from goldenlake- way too long- but again enough fabric so my dog can see the bulk of me. That one fits around the hips so whatever size you get ( I bought the smallest) make sure you dont gain weight otherwise you will not be able to zip it up.

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tom is a heck of nice guy to work with. He filled my order for customized jackets and hats for the retriever club. His customer service is excellent. We had some gals looking for pink vests and he went out of his way to find the "right" pink. Golden Lakes is definitely the way to go.

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    I have always thought that most of us men or women needed a handlers jacket that looks like this, kind of hard to get a hard over out of it though but great for when you need a hug from someone, also keeps you from overhandling your dog, i am sure it comes in various sizes..

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    Kristie Wilder


    Contact "grasshopper" on here. She's tiny, too, and I know she has a jacket. I'm not sure which kind...

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    try the Salvation army or thrift store for lab coats, eg. You never know what you will find, i find hunting stuff there all the time. I found a puppy retriever bumper for one dollar. I remember being "smaller",,lol.. i want to get back to that size, !


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